Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup Fever

With the 2010 Soccer world cup so close we can feel it breathing down our necks, I thought it only fitting that I should dedicate today’s post and a whole 15 minutes of my time to write something about this highly anticipated event.

(Moses Mabhida Stadium - Durban)

The stadiums are finished, there are flags of countries I never even knew existed flying from every second car that drives by, not to mention an epidemic of South African flags everywhere the eye glances, and world cup fever is epidemic in Durban. Traveling from A to B these days is a whole lot easier said than done as traffic jams and roadwork’s are rife throughout every route in the city. Tourists and avid soccer fans are coming in by the droves via our shiny new International Airport completed just weeks ago.
News about the world cup can be heard blaring from every radio station and is the topic of conversation daily on everybody’s lips. Being as ‘proudly south African’ as most of us are, we have jumped at the opportunity to exercise our hospitality and host an event of such prestigious status.
We are all looking forward to seeing the reaction of mislead foreigners when they realize that we do indeed have a basic infrastructure, drive cars and not horse-drawn carts and do not keep wild animals as pets.
This country has so much to offer that I think even the footballer’s wives might enjoy their stay with us.
It’s also quite funny how we are bluffing the tourists just a bit by removing all the street children from the roadside, cleaning up the beachfront litter and banning vuvuzelas from the games, thus not giving tourists a true South African experience, but it’s all in the name of hospitality in the end I guess.
I am glad to say I’ll be attending 3 of the games in Durban myself as I managed to land a spot as a promoter, so one day when I’m old and grey I can share stories of how ‘back in my day’ I was a part of all the festivities.
To boast about my hometown just a tad, these are some pictures to show why I Heart Durban.
(South Beach)
(North Coast)
(Durban's 'Goldenmile' Coastline)

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