Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peg Street Kings 2012

I am thriving on the fact that longboarding has taken off in South Africa in a big way. Thanks to the likes of companies like Peg, we are seeing (especially in Durban), a rise in the amount of people buying themselves a board and hitting the streets and beach promenades to have themselves a good time, on wheels. 
My friends and I have a skate crew of 30-something people who will rock up to skate sesh's at the beep of just one group MMS. We have such fun every time and I have the best memories attached to longboarding.
In saying all that, Peg is hosting a 'Street Kings' competition next week taking place on Danville avenue. I will definitely be watching and I think you should come along too. 

If this song doesn't get your head rolling, and your toes-a-tapping, then I don't know what will? God bless electro, and a happy Tunesday to you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Legacy: What's Yours?

Instant gratification seems to be the theme of our generation. Let’s all just live for ourselves and the current moment; YOLO right?

Yesterday I had a bout of spare time, and found my mind strolling down deep avenues of thought. What led it there, I cannot recall, but nonetheless I caught myself mulling over the word legacy. As a girl of nineteen and three quarters, I’d probably be told by people of my age to stop acting like a retiree and concern myself with more trendy avenues of thought like what filter to use on my next instagram. This just goes to show, that my generation (myself included) pay little or no mind to the concept of legacy and the taste our lives will leave in the mouth of this planet once we are no more.

This is not about ‘save the trees’ or ‘go green,’ but the reality that whether we live like it or not, every one of us will leave our footprint on this planet in some way, shape or form. For some it will be a bloodline of beautiful children and grandchildren, for others it will be a worldwide business concept that changes the face of the globe (think Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg), or perhaps a series of novels that will make their way onto the bedside table of children everywhere.

Yesterday, I was caught up with identifying the legacies that have been left behind for me; the ceilings of previous generations that have become the floors on which my generation stands. There have been people throughout history that have fought for a day they would never see. Paid prices for things they’d never taste, and given their lives for people they would never meet. Think of the freedom fighters who shed their blood on the battlefield of human rights. Think of the 15th century bible translators that traded their lives in order for the word of God to be read by every nation. Think of the inventors that stared in the face of failure and said “it can be done,” just so we could switch on a light, or pick up the phone, or hop on a plane.

Then there are legacies that live on in the hearts of men and women. The legacies unseen and untold that have their substance in the deep inner places of people that span the generational gaps. Legacies of love, of peace, of undeserved kindness. With every measure of oxygen inhaled, we are writing our stories, creating our legacies. A child is born onto a blank canvas on which he paints the picture of his life that will only be seen in it’s full measure by those who will one day stand at a distance and observe the portrait.  I want the canvas of my life to be an invaluable masterpiece that warms the heart and moistens the eyes of all that will one day enjoy its colors and brushstrokes.

If my life were to know no tomorrow, I want my head to rest assured on my pillow tonight in the knowledge that I lived a life that was a sweet taste in the mouth of this world and all it’s people.

I am creating my legacy, are you?
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Breaking News: Mr Price to Launch Online Store

As if we needed another reason to want to kiss the ground that the Mr Price Fashion team walks on, they will be releasing an online store this coming Monday, the 30th of July. 

Let's be very real for a minute, South Africa is, to put it kindly, very behind in many things. As someone who is fresh out of living in the States for a year, if anyone knows just how behind we are, I will confidently raise my hand. One thing that I just could not wrap my head around upon arriving in California was that I could stay up all night 'shopping' from the confines of my bedroom, and after a few clicks on my Macbook, and the entry of my credit card details, I would have a parcel of items delivered literally to my doorstep just a few days laters. Of course, when you're waiting for a parcel, days equal years (or so it feels), but I remember the sheer bliss of opening my first Forever 21 package that landed swiftly on my front doorstep, and the biggest amazement was that nobody nicked any of the contests whilst it was in transit. Safe, quick delivery? Scandalous. 

Anyway, back to Mr Price, they've already proved to us through their constant innovation and style savvy team of designers, marketers, bloggers etc that they can be counted upon to keep us South Africans 'in the loop' with the world of Fashion. Mr Price CEO Stuart Bird confirmed on Tuesday that the highly anticipated web store will be live to South Africa this Monday. He stated, "an online selling capability will enable Mr Price to further strengthen relationships with our target customers, who are tech savvy and require a convenient and secure way to get their fashion. Customers around the country will be able to access the full range of merchandise that was previously only possible by shopping at one of the larger stores."
So what can we all expect from Mr P's latest venture? 
The store is set to offer the full range of apparel consisting of around 18000 items. It will cost us shoppers R35 for delivery to our home, office, post office, or nearest Mr Price store and several methods of payment will be allocated for. And, if that's not good enough, you can even shop on-the-go as the store will be accessible via cellphone. (I don't know about you, but that's dangerous news for my credit card.)

So log on this Monday to www.mrp.co.za and kit yourself out with some Mr Price fashion! 
Mr Price hosted a little soiree at their headquarters yesterday in honor of this exciting step in the SA fashion world. Here are some pictures from the Emma Jane Nation blog.

Durban Events: I Heart Market - August Edition

Confession: It's actually a secret dream of mine to have my own stall at the I Heart Market. Don't ask me what I'd be selling at this store, but I'd be there, meeting and greeting in and amongst all the market action, and I'd pretty much be in my element. Maybe I should add that to my bucket list. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't even need to write a caption telling you how flippin' fantastic this song is, because I think it's more than capable of speaking for itself. Happy Tunesday. Enjoy. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bold & Beautiful - Jewelry Trends 2012

I've never done a jewelry post on the blog before, but after falling in love with the new trend, I thought I'd add my two cents worth on the www. 
In all honesty, I've never really loved chunky statement jewelry, and have always opted for the 'less is more' approach to accessorizing, but ever since the new 'big and bold' trend has hit, I can't get enough of these 'look at me' statement pieces. Whether it be armor-styled or Cleopatra-inspired jewelry, lately I am loving it all. The sharp, defined edges with splashes of colour (even neons) are so chic yet so edgy.
I love it when a chunky statement necklace is paired with a tight bodycon dress or with a sheer blouse. The contrast of feminine with a strong edge is interesting and alluring. 
I found myself a stunning turquoise necklace from Mr Price the other day and then also splashed out at Diva on a chunky gold-plated necklace, and to tell you a secret, I think this is just the start of my collection.

1.) Gold Collar Necklace - H&M
2.) Antique Gold Egyptian Pyramid Collar Nacklace - StylemeTv £320
3.) Dagger Collar Necklace - Endless $188
4.) Tribal Triad Bib - BaubleBar $30
5.) Calypso Necklace - Pree Brulee $36.40
6.) Pinnacle Necklace - Another Feather $58
7.) 5 Station Necklace - Piperlime $75
8.) Leather Geo Necklace - PacSun $10.50
9.) Rocco Articulated Statement Necklace - ASOS $24.89
10) Yellow Triangle earrings - Lovisa

Pastel Pumps

Popped into my local Mr Price store the other day, and after much deliberation as to which pastel colored pumps I preferred, I decided to spoil myself with both. New motto: When in doubt, get one in each color. Thanks Mr P!
Visit the ever-so inspiring Mr Price blog called 'In The Fashion Loop' by clicking here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

When all the Pro's came to town

The pro surf tour, formally known as the World Qualifying Series (WQS) came to town a few weeks ago, and after a year of being out-of-the-loop with all things surf related, I jumped back on the bandwagon and got involved in all the fun.
The Mr Price pro, a 6* Prime WQS event took place from July 2nd-8th, and with the event practically being in my back garden (I'm a local Ballito girl), I was able to get on staff for the event and help run the contest. I assumed the role of event assistant for the week and got involved with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The event was such fun, and it's always my favorite time of year. I love it when different accents can be heard around the beach, and the world's best surfers get to show off on our waves. In the end, Glen Hall, an Irishman from Aus took the contest win on a sunny Ballito sunday, and that closed off an amazing week of surfing and pack-out beaches full of avid supporters.
Two days after the Mr Price Pro ended, the second leg of the South African WQS events began down at JBay. The Billabong Pro, also a 6* WQS event started on Tuesday July 10th, and I was lucky enough to travel down to the Eastern Cape and be a part of the action. When I was much younger, my dad used to work for ASP, so as a part of his job, he would go to the event every year and most years I would go with. The last time I was in JBay I was just a little girl, and so it was amazing to be back there  and watch the Pro for the first time in years. The waves over the contest period in Jeffrey's were absolutely phenomenal.  It was between 6-8ft most days, and the conditions were perfect. It's seldom that the planets align and such perfect waves are delivered for a contest, but the Billabong Pro was a definite exception. I spent most of the week watching the event from the top floor of an apartment building right on the point at Supertubes, and with a panoramic view like that, I definitely had the best seats in the house. Our South African surfers put on a really good show throughout the event, but unfortunately were unable to clench the win from Brazillian Adriano De Souza who ended up being crowded the 2012 champion.
I had such a stunning time in JBay, and despite the cold weather, and often gale force winds, we still managed to watch the surfing all day (with Vida Coffees in hand) and then burn holes on the dance floor at 'The Mexican' by night. I made some great friends, enjoyed relaxing and watching top class surfing, and remembering all the trips to Jeffrey's as a kid.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 94th Birthday Madeebs

Today, Nelson Mandela, a hero I share with millions of other South Africans, has his 94th birthday. This man has taught us the definition of forgiveness, love and living in harmony, even with your enemies. He is a beautiful, gentle soul that has shaped the course of my country's history. Thank you Madiba for the sacrifices you made so that my generation could know the feeling of freedom. 
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