Thursday, April 26, 2012


Colourful handbags. Headscarves. Longboarding. Mint jeans. Coral nail varnish. Pink lips. Retro bathing suits. Baby pink. Straw hats. Flowers. 

Girl meets world

An excessive amount of adventures have cluttered the last four weeks of my Californian life, hence my month long blogging silence. But, I am officially back and ready to tell tales of my escapades across the country. 

Tijuana, Mexico was a culture shock and a half, and after a week in the country I had eaten enough Tacos de Carne Asada to cover my carbohydrate intake for the rest of 2012. On a more serious note, it was an experience that I've waited my whole life for yet never quite knew I was waiting. There were many 'I was born to do this' moments as my team and I got to share the Gospel in some of the darkest spiritual atmospheres we've ever encountered. After seeing people healed, prostitutes loved, the lost find their way home and children meet their maker, we knew we had all had a date with destiny. 
Personally, it was week of discovering 'what I'm made of' and seeing the first glimmers of gold as it makes it's way through the process of refinement. 

Some of this past month's other undertakings have included a road trip up the Californian coastline, visiting the beaches of San Clemente and Santa Monica whilst simultaneously crossing items off my USA bucket list. Spent 3 nights in the lap of luxury at a Malibu mansion, feasting and relaxing post mission trip whilst shopping and dining in Los Angeles in-between. There aren't too many places that beat California during spring break; it truly is the land of Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top. Sometimes, I think I'd fit perfectly on a beach cruiser, wearing a straw fedora and faded denim riding along a promenade in the OC with one hand on the handlebars and the other on my surfboard at my side. Maybe one day?

A series of spontaneous events then led a bunch of friends and I up to the middle of who-knows-where in Oregon to spend the weekend at a Cabin in the snow-drizzled woods. It was a weekend of all things hillbilly; flannel shirts, shootin 'em shotguns, riding 4-wheelers and leaving pennies on the train tracks. The weekend was full of magical moments, especially seeing the contrast the snowflakes made as they fell upon the backdrop of the dark night sky. Being young, carefree and without copious amounts of responsibilities does make for some wonderful adventures of the spontaneous variety. 

Spring has streamed into Redding like the morning light through the blinds, and everything has come out to enjoy life. Lake days are the norm yet again and I am proud to announce my skin tone is getting back to it's former glory and is no longer see-through. Spent Saturday floating down the Sacramento river on  blow-up Walmart mattresses with beautiful people; yet another one of those moments when nature seems to be nodding it's head in agreement with my life. 

School ends in 2 weeks. Teary goodbyes are inevitable. Savoring what's left of life as I currently know it. Realizing how much I need sunshine and was not built to live without it. Stocking up on bright nail polish and colorful attire to match the season change. All seems so right with the world. 

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