Saturday, October 29, 2011

To Market , To Market

Living in the Northern Californian countryside has it's perks, especially considering the well-stocked vintage markets that have been popping up this fall.
A few weeks ago, I went with a few friends to the bi-annual Roses and Rust market just outside of Redding. Considering the fact that roses, trees, antiques and hand-made anythings are a few of the things that make me tick, I was in my absolute element. We spent a beautiful afternoon in the fall sunshine browsing all the divine booths that showcased everything from weathered furniture and books to collectables and clothing. The only thing holding me back from spending obscene amounts of money on old suitcases and furniture was the fact that they wouldn't fit so well on the plane going back to South Africa next year. 
My ministry school revival group pastor was actually one of the vendors at the market, and her stall 'A Royal Life' was a british-themed booth that sold intricately hand-crafted crowns as well as refurbished furniture which was absolutely beautiful. A Royal Life actually won the runner up for the best stall of the day. Well done Trisha!

 Last weekend, I went with two wonderful women to another market in the countryside town of Willows, and it was most lovely. Although it offered fewer vendors than the Roses and Rust market, I'll definitely say it was a lot more refined. Every single booth had the most incredible items on sale, and I happily found myself some vintage crafting supplies to stock up my collection. The venue was gorgeous, and a day of unwinding, browsing, and appreciating all things vintage was exactly what I needed. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thought for the day

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love it - October

A few things I'm appreciating this October...

Fall. Living in a foreign country. Pumpkin flavored anything. The sound of rain on windows. School. Salt of the earth people. Late night bicycle adventures. Ed Sheeran. Blazers. Snow-capped Mount Shasta. Trader Joe's. Angelic voices. Being nocturnal. Exploring new avenues of creativity. R-I-S-K-S. Trying new recipes. Butternut soup. O.P.I nail polish. Freedom. Beige. Skype dates with the fan-damily. Nerd glasses. Forever 21. Managing budgets. QT with new friends. Roses and Rust market. Pumpkin carving. Dancing. Bethel. Revival group gatherings. Chai before bed. London fog. Living out my dreams. Trusting in things I cannot see. Answered prayers. Journalling the journey. The art of appreciating moments as they're busy unfolding. Twinview. BSSM worship sessions. Boys who wear boots. British accents. Cookie dough. Cinnamon. Trick or treating. Unleashing my inner artist. Kris V's humor. My world aflame. Words of affirmation. Quality time. Gossip girl. Paint. Writing lists on my hands. "You had to be there" moments. Julia Stone's voice. Live music. Leaning on him. Online shopping. Laughing fits. Life-changing homework. Polka dots. Knee high socks. Grocery shopping. The secret place. Ecstatic encounters. The Song of Solomon. Trail mix. Singing "this is the life." Fallen leaves. Match-making. The colours of autumn. Intimacy. Letting go of fears. Socks and slippers. The beginnings of lifelong friendships. Pine trees. Sunset cloud formations. Sandpointe shenanigans. French braids. Ellie Goulding. Fonts. Land of the free. Life as I've never known it before. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So long sweet summer

It looks like fall has finally fallen, and these past few days the skies of Redding have been churning out  thick clouds and sideways rain. As a memoir of the brief yet wonderful Californian summer I experienced, here are a few snapshots that I captured whilst living it up under the Cali sunshine. 
Locations: Whiskeytown Lake, Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay, 44 Highway. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Phone Wallpapers by The Notebook Doodles

The talented blogger {slash} doodling extraordinaire behind the website "The Notebook Doodles" has created a collection of beautiful cellphone wallpapers that are available to be freely downloaded. Score. 
Follow this link here, and get downloading! Enjoy. 

Cali Road Trip #1

My 10 hour San Francisco experience in pictures
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