Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Monday

Here's January's last music monday playlist. Enjoy.

  1. White Collar Boy - Belle and Sebastian
  2. Sentimental Heart - She and Him
  3. She's So High Above Me - Fastball
  4. Make Your Heart - Azure Ray
  5. I'll Be Seeing You - Jimmy Durante
  6. Ordinary Day - Vanessa Carlton
  7. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
  8. On My Way - Cocoon
  9. California Soul - Marlena Shaw
  10. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
(Image: FlapperDoodle)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tuula illustrations

I quite enjoy these illustrations from the Tuula blog.

The age of typewriters hasn't passed!

Whilst thrifting in Berea the other day, I found something I have been hoping to find for quite a while; a fully functional, vintage typewriter.
I was so excited when I handed over my cash and officially became the very proud owner of a typewriter. I have been wanting one for ages mostly for the craft projects that I do such as card making, scrapbooking and whatnot, and have already put it to use on a letter to a friend that I am going to send overseas, and it looks so cute despite the fact that I still need a tad bit more practice. Definitely a best buy, and I want to start collecting typewriters just for fun.

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Aussie Fashion Favourites

After spending 3 months of last year in Australia, I came back to South Africa and got the shock of my life when I no longer had access to the incredible clothing stores that I became accustomed to.
With it being my first overseas trip, when I landed in Sydney I was catapulted into a whole new world of beautiful clothes and high-fashion, and what an exciting new world it was!
I remember being like a deer in the headlights when I paid my first visit to Bondi Junction and was greeted by friendly sales assistants from stores such as Forever New, Witchery and Sportsgirl, just to name a few. I was in total girl heaven and almost had heart palpitations every time I went shopping.
I am over-the-moon lately though, because slowly but surely Aussie produce is creeping into South Africa and taking the country by storm. Recently, a huge Forever New store opened in Gateway, and a fashion feeding frenzy began amongst all the girls in Durban. Then, Witchery, Minkpink and Seafolly put some of their range into Stuttafords and when I saw it for the first time the other day, I felt like I was coming come... Long live Australian fashion labels!
Below is a list of some of the stores that became my favourites whilst overseas, and I am getting very reminiscent!

Forever New:
This store is the perfect balance of high-fashion meets femininity and elegance, and in my opinion how a woman ought to dress. The light pastel colours, frills, lace and floral are what puts the Forever New range high on my list of fashion favourites.

Elegant. Simple. Clean lines. This is what Witchery clothing tries to capture, and does so perfectly.


I would seldom go into Sportsgirl without coming out with a shopping bag in hand carrying a lovely little purchase.
Don't be fooled by the name, "sportsgirl" does not sell sportswear for tomboys, but is stocked from wall to wall with rails of the most divine clothing items that range from shoes and accessories to shorts, dresses and jackets.
What I love about Sportsgirl is that it caters for all kinds of styles. If you're into vintage and florals, you're guaranteed to find yourself a to-die-for outfit. If you're into military fashion, then Sportsgirl is for you. If you love Boho-chic, then look no further.
Sportsgirl is a little hub of gorgeous fashion items for every girl!

I loved Dotti because much of their clothing reminds me of a daydream. The colours and prints are perfect for a summertime picnic or riding your vintage bicycle around the beach.

Supre is a chain store that stocks all your fashion essentials. Most of their items are plain and come in an assortment of different colours. They stock all your basic must have pieces such as singlets, jeans, shorts, high-waisted skirts etc etc and supply all the latest trends at affordable prices. Yay for Supre!

We've had Country Road apparel in South Africa for quite some time now, and we are much better off for it!
I just adore the Country Road range. I love it's simplicity. I love the tailored pieces. I love the neutral colours with splashes of coral and navy every now and then, and if my closed was compromised of entirely Country Road items, lets just say I'd be a very happy girl.

Seafolly and summer fit together like pieces of a puzzle. What is summer without that perfect bikini? And when it comes to bikinis, Seafolly wins, hands down.
I practically droll over all their bikinis, and wish they didn't cost a small fortune to own!

Summer Harvest

I found this stunning editorial entitled "Summer Harvest" on the Minkpink website, and I just loved it because it's oh-so-me, and exactly how I love to dress for summer. Pastel colours, feminine prints, dresses, straw hats and all things pretty.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Happy Aussie day to all my friends down under.
I've never actually experienced Australia Day first hand, but whilst I was over there last year, I heard much about this BIG event on the Australian calendar. It sounds like too much fun and what an amazing way to celebrate your country, dressing up, painting faces and pretty much just having a big fat party in honor of the country. I think South Africa could learn a thing or two from the Aussie patriotism!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Photoshoot for Stephanie Papini

A friend of mine, Steph Papini asked me if I would kindly model for her yesterday as she needed to do a sort of 'photography project' ...
We had some fun in the pool and at Umhlanga beach, although it was such a scorcher of a say in Durbs that I'm lucky I didn't evaporate on the job.

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