Friday, September 23, 2011


Let's just say I am about to start manifesting with excitement at the thought of the events that are in tomorrow's line up.
A bunch of new friends and I, who are also fellow music enthusiasts, are all road tripping down to San Francisco to watch the Two Door Cinema Club concert. This has got the words 'time of my life' written all over it. I am more than just a little in love with this trio's vibey tunes, and cannot wait to jam like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and of course getting to see San Francisco for the first time is going to be a an experience and a half. Man, I love being a foreigner.
I am going to take an obscene amount of photos, and don't even mind looking like the tourist I am.

The concoction of hilarious friends, good music, and a road trip to a foreign city is the most perfecto recipe for a memorable day. Let the good times roll.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I apologise if you're standing too close and I happen to leak happiness

There are those few-and-far-between moments in life, when you happen to catch yourself taking a step back, looking at your own life as an outsider would, and thinking "I wasn't aware that it was allowed to be this good." You know those times when you even feel slightly guilty at the degree of bliss you get to partake in daily? Yes, well I've been having one of the above-mentioned weeks. No wait, I think it's been a month. Yes, that's correct.

The root of my 'joy unspeakable' in this season can be wholeheartedly attributed to the goodness of God which has been like the big red ribbon banding together all sorts of fulfilled dreams into one package of answered prayers. 
Just a few months ago I made a decision, and while I am not one for giving God ultimatums, I knew that if he did not radically show up on the scene, I would have had to watch all my plans slip through my fingers. But of course, God-of-the-11th-hour came through as I knew he would, and here I am living a life that is tipping the pleasure scale. 

Why so elated with life and times? Well I think it's one part due to the fact that I get to wake up every day in a foreign country that I have fallen in love with. Another part because I get to 'study' subject matter that my heart burns passionately for, and then of course there's the fact that every person I get to do life with this year fits into the highest caliber of 'legendary.' Oh, and I'm also watching my dreams unfold before my eyes as I live and grow in this 'greenhouse' environment of love and honor. Heaven on earth? Something like that. 

The moral of my own story, is simply this: Do what makes YOU happy. Find out what it is you truly desire, burn for, yearn for, and then take a risk along the road leading to dreams fulfilled. There isn't enough breath in our lungs to entertain the thought of wasting time doing things for which we lack passion. 
People-pleasing can be expensive. It can cost you your dreams or better yet, your happiness.  

So here's a toast to life, times, happiness and the wonderful thought that we are still yet to live some of our best days. La Bella Vita. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

I found this interesting 'challenge' on the Bright Wishes blog, and am considering doing it, especially due to the fact that I am in a foreign country which may make it that much more fun. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chronicles of a rookie bicycle rider

Ever since I arrived in America I have been dying to get my hands on a bicycle for more reasons than one. I guess it's partly due to the fact that my bicycle riding childhood was partially non-existent due to South Africa's unsafe roads, and also partly because I am currently car-less and have been starved of freedom for longer than I can bare.

This afternoon my South African friend and I made it our mission of the day to find ourselves bicycles, and Walmart did not disappoint. After a few laps around the store and many sideways glances from shoppers, we made them our own. 
Shoving 2 large bikes into one smallish car caused me to go limp from laughing. Never a dull moment. Never. 

This evening at sunset I took that puppy for it's first spin in the hood, and it rides like a charm. Most excited for the adventures that await Janice and I as we explore Redding on two-wheels. I predict laughs, grazes and many trips to the Starbucks "drive-through." 

So here's to sore bums, legs of steel, and saving the world one environmentally friendly mode of transportation at a time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I turned 19 on Friday the 9th of September, and spent my second consecutive birthday away from my family, friends and home country. Nevertheless, it was a grand day full of all kinds of wonderful things. 

A bunch of my new friends that have also moved here to Redding, California, knocked on my door, and then proceeded to throw balloons at me, shove a cupcake in my face and then make me blow out a bunch of candles. It was hilarious. 
The crew and I then decided to take advantage of the fact that it was 42 degrees, and went cliff jumping at Clear Creek. I don't remember how high the jump was, but by my calculations I would say it was "flippin' high." What's a good birthday without an adrenaline rush?
We spent the rest of the afternoon body rafting down the creek, and I laughed a ridiculous amount the entire way along. 
California is beautiful, and it's landscapes blow me away. 
After an amazing church service at Bethel, we burnt the midnight oil at the sundial bridge under the full moon's light, and I lost count of all the times everyone embarrassed the heck out of me by signing happy birthday in public places. 

New friends. New places. New adventures. I would say this was by far the most uncanny, yet lovely birthday I have had to date. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday {slash} Farewell

On the 29th of August, I had a pre-birthday celebration slash USA farewell with some of my favorite people on the planet. It was an afternoon of blankets, trees and good company, and one I won't easily forget. The talented Julie Patrick {click here to see her photography blog} captured the memories, thanks Jules you lovely lady. 
Megs Carrie and I had a fairly successful attempt at a cupcake recipe from the "Always With Butter" blog {click here to view the recipe}

Monday, September 5, 2011

A view from above

After over 30 hours in transit, I arrived in the USA on Friday afternoon. *relief*
After months of planning and anticipating this trip, to actually live it out, was a very surreal moment. I still pinch myself every now and then just to make sure this isn't just a really good dream.
Above are some images that I took out of the plane whilst flying over Canada, Oregon and California. The beauty of this country from above was absolutely breath-taking, especially because I have a weakness for snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes.

I am finally on the mend from a nasty case of jet lag, and now that the nausea and severe exhaustion is starting to ware off, I am starting to settle in quite nicely.
America is different from Africa, my home, in every way possible; from the people, to the landscape, to the food and the cars, it is all very unfamiliar. Everything is foreign to me, and am still trying to find my equilibrium. Although this will be my home for the next year or so, it still feels very much a foreign land, and wherever I go, I must look like a total deer in the headlights as I try and take in all my surroundings.

I am currently living in a town called Redding in Northern California, and although I am an ocean girl, I find it incredibly beautiful here in the countryside at the foot of mountains and in-between trees. It is as hot as hades here, and I can't wait to jump in one of the lakes and get me a Californian suntan. 

The home I am living in is absolutely beautiful. It is nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of those adorable American neighborhoods that you see on movies. I have the loveliest group of room mates, and we are all new to Redding, so are having fun exploring (and getting lost) together. 

A breakdown of a few American things according to me {a South African}:
The people: Friendly, confident, love saying the word "awesome"
The food: Sugary, fatty, pre-packed, ready-to-go, processed
The weather: hot and dry
Walmart: Ghetto

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