Monday, September 5, 2011

A view from above

After over 30 hours in transit, I arrived in the USA on Friday afternoon. *relief*
After months of planning and anticipating this trip, to actually live it out, was a very surreal moment. I still pinch myself every now and then just to make sure this isn't just a really good dream.
Above are some images that I took out of the plane whilst flying over Canada, Oregon and California. The beauty of this country from above was absolutely breath-taking, especially because I have a weakness for snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes.

I am finally on the mend from a nasty case of jet lag, and now that the nausea and severe exhaustion is starting to ware off, I am starting to settle in quite nicely.
America is different from Africa, my home, in every way possible; from the people, to the landscape, to the food and the cars, it is all very unfamiliar. Everything is foreign to me, and am still trying to find my equilibrium. Although this will be my home for the next year or so, it still feels very much a foreign land, and wherever I go, I must look like a total deer in the headlights as I try and take in all my surroundings.

I am currently living in a town called Redding in Northern California, and although I am an ocean girl, I find it incredibly beautiful here in the countryside at the foot of mountains and in-between trees. It is as hot as hades here, and I can't wait to jump in one of the lakes and get me a Californian suntan. 

The home I am living in is absolutely beautiful. It is nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of those adorable American neighborhoods that you see on movies. I have the loveliest group of room mates, and we are all new to Redding, so are having fun exploring (and getting lost) together. 

A breakdown of a few American things according to me {a South African}:
The people: Friendly, confident, love saying the word "awesome"
The food: Sugary, fatty, pre-packed, ready-to-go, processed
The weather: hot and dry
Walmart: Ghetto


  1. My first visit...lovely blog, great design.
    All the best for your new adventure.

  2. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!


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