Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bohemian, meet Bridal.

A friend of a friend got married recently and I accidentally came across her wedding pictures on Facebook. When I saw them I gasped saying "where on earth is that dress from!"
She had the most elegant white lace gown cascading down her body and it defintiely didn't look anything like your run of the mill wedding dress. It was classy, with a free-spirited boho feel, and topped off with a headband of roses, she looked like an etherial being.
The creative culprit behind this dream of a dress was the Australian online bridal store 'Grace Loves Lace,' and after hitting up their website, I was greeted with pictures of similarly stunning dresses to the one I'd originally fell in love with.
Grace Loves Lace makes ready-to-wear gowns from the finest French laces and silks and whilst each dress is not only utterly gorgeous, it successfully avoids all bridalwear cliches and 'seen-that-befores.'
I expect that every bride that floats down the aisle in a Grace Loves Lace gown will definitely leave her groom and guests speechless and unable to take their eyes off of her elegance. 
Visit the Grace Loves Lace website here.
{All images: Grace Loves Lace}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mamma Said There'd Be Days Like These

Ever had one of those days when you go to bed the night before with a to-list that is breeding to-do lists and a head cluttered with ambitious ideas, and then in the morning when your alarm clock plays it's god-forsaken tune, all your body seems to be saying is NO! No to the to-do list. No to all the over-ambitious activities you thought up the night before. No to leaving your bed. And a great big HECK NO to a morning gym session. Yes, you guessed it, today was that day. They come without warning, they really do. You know what I'm realizing? Sometimes it's okay to admit that all you want to do is light a fall candle, listen to Enya and avoid every bit of social interaction like the plague. Sometimes, but only sometimes, it's really okay to just darken the blinds, lie in bed, eat dark chocolate and pretend you didn't hear the phone ring. So, the next time you feel as though you don't have the brainpower to toast a crouton, just know that somewhere out there someone else is completely empathetic. It happens to the best of us. 

Pouts, Poses and Photobooth Fun

Being back in Redding means being back at the monthly 'Love Lounge' open mic night which is never complete without it's famous photo booth. This year, I am living with 3 girls Haley, Krista and Destiny,  and we've named ourselves 'The Bachelorettes' and our townhouse 'The Bachelorette Pad.' Highlight of the night at Love Lounge was attacking the photo booth with my gorgeous room mates, and the end product above will definitely be framed and hung in the Bachelorette Pad. 
Here are some more money shots from the evening. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Have you moved it today? If not, here's some inspiration. 

Strong is the new Skinny

Who actually allows someone to force feed them something that they do not enjoy the taste of? Well, Im done being force-fed the "super skinny is sexy" lie from every media platform because it is repulsive to my taste and I'm personally taking an active stand against it. 
As the years have progressed and the media has cunningly desensitized us to this 'trend' one dress size at a time, culturally across the board as first-world citizens, we hardly batter an eyelid if a woman's bones are showing under her skin, more so, we actually look to such women and title them 'perfect.'
Not only is this a cruel yardstick with which to measure yourself,  it is unhealthy at least and fatal at most. I want nothing to do with torturing my body in the name of so-called beauty. 
A few weeks ago I began to follow an Australian entrepreneur 'Lorna Jane' on Instagram as I love her self-titled company that sells stylish and trendy activewear for women. I will say this, Lorna is one of the most inspiring women I have come across in a long time. Her heart and compaign that runs through her brand centers around making the shift in the minds of society that strong is better than skinny. As a health and fitness guru herself, Lorna is inspiring women around the world to "just move it" with her 'Move. Nourish. Believe' campaign that is targeted at women who love to work hard to stay healthy and in shape, this is a world where fit women reign supreme. This world is one where a new crop of fit girls pave the way, girls who are not afraid to work for it and embody an active way of life, one rep at a time. They obsess to be their own personal best, unique in their own right. Powerful. Confident. Active.
Lorna and her team are loving and appreciating their bodies for whatever shape they are and letting women everywhere know it's okay to do the same.  
With this campaign, I smell the beginnings of a global change in perspective when it comes to the bodily ideals of women, I'm getting on board, are you?
Visit the Lorna Jane website.
Follow on Instagram @movenourishbelive and @ljclarkson and join the movement. 
 (All images: lornajane.com.au)

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Can't Live Without

I think that every girl has her list of products she just cannot dream of living without. There are certain essential items that I use almost daily, and I thought I'd share these with my readers and anyone looking for some highly recommended, tried and trusted, skincare and beauty products. I love that this list will differ from person to person as we all take our own special likings to certain cosmetics on the shelves of our favorite stores. So, here's fifteen things I cannot live without, what are yours?
1. Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation - The Body Shop
2. Nearly Naked Loose Powder - Almay
3. Ruby Woo Lipstick - MAC Cosmetics
4. Special Cleansing Gel - Dermalogica
5. Multi-active Toner - Dermalogica
6. Active Moist Moisturizer - Dermalogica
7. "William Tell Me About OPI" Nailpolish - O.P.I
8. Shea Lip Butter - The Body Shop
9. Eau De Toilette, Vanilla - The Body Shop
10. Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment - From Australia
11. ColorStay Liquid Eye Liner - Revlon
12. Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - Palmers
13. Cow Udder Cream - From the farmer's market (this is an excellent and 100% pure moisturizer good for face and body.)
14. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion - Bath and Body Works Fall Limited Edition
15. Honey Autumn Apple Shower Gel - Bath and Body Works Fall Limited Edition

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You've got to love this week's atmospheric synth track by British Colombian producer Jamieson. Love this song off the EP 'Four More Years,' and the rest of his stuff is also pretty great. Have a yourself a listen. Happy Tunesday. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My shorts fetish

Since the beginning of the summer I have been scavenging around thrift stores (mostly Goodwill) to find that perfect pair of mom jeans that I can transform into Daisy Dukes. I've loved this summer's cutoff shorts trend so much so that I've gotten a bit carried away with my scissors and my $3 jeans. 
I can' resist a little D-I-Y project nor can I resist new clothing items, so here they are, my collection of Daisy D's courtesy of Goodwill thrift stores, a pair of scissors and a serrated knife. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She's not a teenager no more

Last Sunday the 9th I departed from my teenage years and migrated north towards my twenties. This was my third consecutive birthday away from home and no matter how many times you do it, not being with family when you're celebrating your birth is never ideal. 
But praise be to the good lord above for blessing me so extensively with a group of friends here in California that loved me enough to make me feel like a million bucks on my birthday. I was spoiled like Comic Sans on a business card and got to eat my body weight in sugar whilst surrounded by a whole lot of good-looking friends. That's what dreams are made of.
But in all seriousness, I cannot explain how thankful I am for the years that lie behind me and all those that await me. This birthday, I was thankful for life and God's presence that has been so freely given to me. He didn't have to fashion me, number my days and fill them with all kinds of beautiful people, places and memories, but out of love, he birthed me into existence and it is his love that has held me all these years. So, as I step into the new adventures that this new decade presents, I know I am moving forward into new depths of maturity as an individual, whilst also learning what it means to stay childlike and never lose the youth that is mine in timeless place in which my spirit dwells. Childlikeness means joy, unashamed expression of individuality and remaining teachable no matter how much you've learnt in life.
So here's a toast to life, living it well and never losing the spring in my step that comes from knowing what a gift it is to be alive. 

This song is definite 'stick-in-your-head' material. Happy Tunesday from Young the Giant. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


My feet are finally on Californinan soil after a 36 hour journey that felt like it stretched on for weeks. If I never see another airport again it will be too soon. It feels strange to be back here. It's a foreign country yet so much is familiar. A sort of home away from home.
I'm missing my family and friends already, and after sleeping in my new and empty apartment alone last night, I was this close to wanting to go back to South Africa and just call it a day, even if it meant boarding another deathly long flight. I know this year is going to be even better and more adventure-filled than the last, but I guess I just need to have patience with myself as I make the mental transition. My body is here but my mind is still making it's way over. It's familiar here, yet still a foreign land and right now I just need some home comforts, so I will sit here with my rooibos tea and know that South Africa is always right here in my heart. 
I'm excited for the year ahead, and although I'll be in the same place with many of the same people as last year, I know it's going to be a vastly different experience. New surprises around every corner and bucket-loads of fun, no doubt. 
Right now I'm just trying to get this new apartment furnished and kitted out so it can stop echoing. Bare walls and empty spaces aren't so inviting at the moment, but I have many ideas and this place is a great canvas to for a creative mind to work with, so I'm excited to see what we'll make of the cute 2-bedroomed space. 
8pm and my eyelids weigh a ton. Jet-lag is luring me to bed. Goodnight California and I'll see you tomorrow for another sun-shiney day.
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