Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love it - South Africa

Things I love about South Africa:
The sound the birds make in response to the rising sun. Rooibos tea before bed. Familiar faces everywhere you go. Salt of the earth people. The colours, of the people, of the sunsets, of the skies, of the land. The beaches that raised me. Hospitality. The smell of a summertime braai. The way it looks after it's rained. The sounds of the night. Star-clustered skies. Four seasons in a day. Freedom. The richness of the land. Thunderstorms. Winding mountain roads. Flavors. Our history and our journey as a nation. Wildlife. Curry, bunny chows and breyani. Occasionally having to chase a monkey out your house. The humor. A country that never takes itself too seriously. Jumping off the piers. World-class wine. Promenade skates. Humid air. The garden route. Surf spots for days, and days. Wide open spaces. A people shaping their future. The smell of burning sugar cane. The Drakensberg. Fresh fruit. Rugby braais and watching the men shout at the TV. The high spirits when the Springboks win the match. Biltong, biltong, biltong. Inside jokes, thanks Trevor Noah. Camaraderie. Christmas at the beach  in the summer. Open homes and open hearts. Spirituality. Wells of revival. A colourful country. The proudly South African spirit. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From where the grass is always greener

In six short little days I will once again be hauling myself and my 46kgs worth of luggage from Durban to Dubai and then on to San Francisco where I will begin round 2 of my Californian adventures. 
Looking back over my shoulder at this exact time last year, I was overdosing my blog with posts about leaving home, traveling the world, flying the nest and whatnot. In that time of my life I was a rookie in all things pertaining to an overseas life. I was excited and my tone of writing couldn't hide it.
This time around, I am practically sweeping the fact that I'm leaving under the rug of denial in a hope that the day will never actually dawn. Am I looking forward to returning to the States? In many ways yes. Am I ready to leave home for another year? In most ways no. 
You see, I am ridiculously grateful to be a nineteen year old girl with the world as her oyster, an air ticket in hand and a year long American dream awaiting her. Don't get me wrong, I never stop reminding myself that I live an outrageously blessed life. What I have realized though, is that last time around I was ready to leave behind a string of things that I had taken very for granted. This time around, knowing what it's like to live without these things, I'm more reluctant about letting them go. Before I left last time, I was right there on the bandwagon with all the other negative South Africans wanting to flee to greener pastures and 'escape' this country's downfalls. This time around I know that the greener pasture is the one beneath my feet. The people, the culture, the land that is alive and pulsating with life, the sunsets, the sea, the sounds of the night, the smells, the food, the lifestyle second to none. These are just a few reasons why I'm sad to see South Africa disappear into the distance for another whole year. 
But, that being said and heartily felt, I don't doubt that California round #2 is going to be a whole lot sweeter than it's predecessor. I'm excited about returning to a foreign country that no longer feels very foreign but rather an extension of home. I can't wait to see familiar faces, and hear familiar voices although the accents remain foreign. I can't wait to move into the new apartment, catch the tail end of the summer and most of all, begin second year at ministry school which all along has been the method to my madness in wanting to live in America. 
Until then, if anyone needs me, I will be sucking the marrow out of what remains of my South African holiday, which involves a farewell party, family braais, restaurant dinners, all-you-can-eat sushi, and burning a couple holes in a couple dance floors. 
Moral of the story: Sometimes it takes arriving at a green pasture to realize that you've always been standing on one. It's all in your perspective. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enjoy another electro-styled Tunesday with M83's "Kim and Jessie"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bunting and Duvet D.I.Y

So I did a little post the other day with pictures from my fabric shopping escapade at Waste Centre (click here to view said post), well you are currently looking at the follow-up post that contains the evidence of what became of those pieces of lovely fabric.
I've always wanted to make a fabric bunting, and although they are ridiculously easy to master, I never attempted to sew one until this week. My aunt Cheryl and I joined forces in her craft room and we pulled out the sewing machine, scissors, pins and material, and got our D.I.Y on.
I'll be moving into a new apartment when I return to California, so I wanted to pretty it up a bit, and so I made a mint and white striped duvet cover and a floral fabric bunting. They were both so easy and we were finished before you can say "Bob's your uncle." We were rather proud of what became of our endeavors and I wouldn't mind going into the sewing business, I find it such fun.
I stupidly forgot to take photos of us making the duvet cover, although here are the pics of the bunting-making process:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thought for the day

A photo I took this week at the Thompson's Bay tidal pool coupled with a quote I just love.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This week's tune is yet another toe-tapper by the Sydney electropop band 'Van She,' and although it's a remix, it hardly detracts from the greatness of the original. While I was on Youtube trying to get the embed code for this music video, I read the following comment:
"I spent 5 nights in Sydney (mistakenly should have been more) this past November and was introduced to the club scene and the music that goes along with it. I used to think California was an interesting and loving place, however fortunately I was wrong. Australia's vibes are levels upon levels more loving, ecstatic, and hip. I found there's something interesting about the artists from Sydney. They don't feel the need to follow dance music trends from around the world. They create their own."
I loved this comment because it rings with truth. I spent some time in Sydney in 2010 and was blown away by the culture, music, fashion and every level of creative expression that those Aussies are exuding. This track is super vibey and I don't doubt that you'll love it. Check out some of Van She's 
other stuff, it's all pretty great.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old dirt road. Knee deep snow.

We piled in the mommy wagon, headed for the countryside and got a whole lot more snow than we bargained for. Another successful family holiday under our belt before I head overseas for a second year.  We had some pant-wettingly funny moments, saw some jaw-droppingly beautiful sights and enjoyed the togetherness of family. Here is an 18-piece collage of our adventures. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're all going on a (winter) holiday

The weather in South Africa this week has been fa-reezing. I am definitely a winter lover, but seeing as though this is my third consecutive winter (the joys of international travel), I'm slightly done with the cold. Anyway, tomorrow my family and I are going to be going on our last family holiday before I head overseas for another year. We are going to one of my favorite places on the planet, the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, and the chances of us hitting snow are looking quite high. I love family holidays; the car trip, the bonding, the good food, the new sights, the photo-taking, the laughs, it all just reeks of a memorable time. I'm especially looking forward to fireplace-huddling, winter-woolies wearing, scrabble-playing, belly-laughing fun, and not to mention the shopping along the midlands meander. 
I'm really sad that my time at home is nearing it's end, but that's all the more reason to savor the remaining days, and I can't think of a better way to do it than on a countryside vacation. 

Waste Centre Sewing Supplies

Due to my sewing machine not being able to join me in America, since I've been home I've decided I need to undertake another project before I head off for USA round #2. 
Today, my aunt and I went to the Waste Centre and bought some fabrics which I am going to use to make a bunting for my new apartment and will use the mint and white striped fabric to sew myself a new duvet cover. 
I've never made a bunting nor a duvet cover before but am excited to give it a bash. 
I will be sure to take some snaps of next week's sewing day, and curious to see what will become of these pieces of fabric.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tunesday: Lykke Li

The weather across the country today, is cold, gloomy and even snowy in some areas. Today's tune
goes hand in hand with any melancholy mood likely to be induced by the weather conditions. 
This is one of my all time favourites, and is one of the sexiest, yet most beautiful songs I've ever heard. So sit back in that arm chair with your cuppa tea and bathe today's Tunesday goodness. 
Ps: Two of my friends who's music taste I will personally vouch for, have started a blog called 'The Weekly Stew' where they weekly share their current favourite tracks that are worth a listen and even an iTunes purchase. Check out their blog here

Monday, August 6, 2012

iPhone Covers To Die For

I love society6.com, which is basically an online store that specializes in iPhone covers, prints and T-shirts which are all designed by contributing artists/designers who sell their products through the website. It's a win/win scenario as up-and-coming creatives get to showcase their work and earn some dollar whilst the general public gets to score some affordable and trendy items. Above are some of my favorite iPhone covers found whilst browsing on Society6, and I think when I get back to the USA, I'll need to make my purchase. The decision-making process won't be an easy one though. FirstWorldPains. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Durban Events: Gangs @ Wavehouse

Two Saturdays ago, my friends and I watched our mates' band 'Gangs of Ballet' play an epic gig at the Durban Wavehouse, and here are some stills from the fisheye lens of Richard Tarr. 
Gangs are a Durban band that have risen to popularity in the South African music scene very quickly, and with their catchy Rock 'n Roll vibes, they've won the nation over. I'd love to actually do an interview with the guys soon, so watch this space for more Gangs of Ballet hype. 
I'm excited for Gangs as they'll be opening for Switchfoot next week in Joburg and it's all set to be the gig of their lives. Such an honor to know them and have seen them do so well in such a short space of time. I will even claim the fact that I was at their debut gig at Unit 11 last year. What a jam, and a truly talented bunch of blokes. 
If you'd like to hear their music, check them out on Soundcloud or follow them on Twitter (@GangsOfBallet)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Free People Office

If you asked me to close my eyes and envision what my ideal office space would look like, my imagination would probably concoct beautiful pictures that are identical to the Free People Office. I adore Free People clothing and in fact the entire brand as a whole. I love the alternative spin they have on their design, and it's as if the whole team sees the world from angles different from the average Jo. Here are some snapshots from the Free People website of their divine office space, and if you ask me, I'd probably sleep there every night for not wanting to leave such a beautiful space.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Love It - August

Red lips. Seeing friends say "I do." Playing dress up. Peter Pan Collars. Roast Chicken Wednesday at the Carrie's. Fitness routine. Creating my legacy. Savoring the things I know I'll soon be missing. Seeing my USA visa sitting nicely in my passport. Sunset skates with mates. Market browsing. Dreams of an exciting future. Entrepreneurial ideas set in motion. Story boards and business plans. Attempting to like sushi. Striped table cloths. M83. Festival fashion. California, here I come. International adventures start again. Boys with accents. Zara. Viewing life from outside the box. Waffle night. Bean Green. Rooibos cappuccinos. Triangles. Bunting D-I-Y. That first cup of tea in the morning. Getting to preach at churches. Embellished collars. Pedicures with mom. Lana Del Ray. Studs and statement pieces. Lace shorts. Sheer blouses. Guys who smell good. Grabbing hold of love that's ever present. Seeing hearts awakened to life. Being happy, if not, why not? Mr Pice's online store. Celebrating femininity. Peg Street kings. Learning how to slide on a longboard. Reflections in sunglasses. Light rays sneaking through gaps in clouds. Life's seasons and stepping stones. Strengthening bonds with those I love most. Blank stares out into the ocean. Durban weather and winter warmth. The smell of the car after a carwash. Giant mugs of milo. Confidence. Smiling on the inside. Celebrating rather than resenting differences. The smell of newly washed hair. Passion fruit sorbet. Chai macaroons. Splashes of colour. Wooden floors and high ceilings. Lemon Canary baked goodies. Seeing people in their element. Olympic games. Watching people get teary on the winner's podium. Ceramic hearts. The world as you see it. 
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