Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bunting and Duvet D.I.Y

So I did a little post the other day with pictures from my fabric shopping escapade at Waste Centre (click here to view said post), well you are currently looking at the follow-up post that contains the evidence of what became of those pieces of lovely fabric.
I've always wanted to make a fabric bunting, and although they are ridiculously easy to master, I never attempted to sew one until this week. My aunt Cheryl and I joined forces in her craft room and we pulled out the sewing machine, scissors, pins and material, and got our D.I.Y on.
I'll be moving into a new apartment when I return to California, so I wanted to pretty it up a bit, and so I made a mint and white striped duvet cover and a floral fabric bunting. They were both so easy and we were finished before you can say "Bob's your uncle." We were rather proud of what became of our endeavors and I wouldn't mind going into the sewing business, I find it such fun.
I stupidly forgot to take photos of us making the duvet cover, although here are the pics of the bunting-making process:

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