Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Love It - August

Red lips. Seeing friends say "I do." Playing dress up. Peter Pan Collars. Roast Chicken Wednesday at the Carrie's. Fitness routine. Creating my legacy. Savoring the things I know I'll soon be missing. Seeing my USA visa sitting nicely in my passport. Sunset skates with mates. Market browsing. Dreams of an exciting future. Entrepreneurial ideas set in motion. Story boards and business plans. Attempting to like sushi. Striped table cloths. M83. Festival fashion. California, here I come. International adventures start again. Boys with accents. Zara. Viewing life from outside the box. Waffle night. Bean Green. Rooibos cappuccinos. Triangles. Bunting D-I-Y. That first cup of tea in the morning. Getting to preach at churches. Embellished collars. Pedicures with mom. Lana Del Ray. Studs and statement pieces. Lace shorts. Sheer blouses. Guys who smell good. Grabbing hold of love that's ever present. Seeing hearts awakened to life. Being happy, if not, why not? Mr Pice's online store. Celebrating femininity. Peg Street kings. Learning how to slide on a longboard. Reflections in sunglasses. Light rays sneaking through gaps in clouds. Life's seasons and stepping stones. Strengthening bonds with those I love most. Blank stares out into the ocean. Durban weather and winter warmth. The smell of the car after a carwash. Giant mugs of milo. Confidence. Smiling on the inside. Celebrating rather than resenting differences. The smell of newly washed hair. Passion fruit sorbet. Chai macaroons. Splashes of colour. Wooden floors and high ceilings. Lemon Canary baked goodies. Seeing people in their element. Olympic games. Watching people get teary on the winner's podium. Ceramic hearts. The world as you see it. 

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