Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bohemian, meet Bridal.

A friend of a friend got married recently and I accidentally came across her wedding pictures on Facebook. When I saw them I gasped saying "where on earth is that dress from!"
She had the most elegant white lace gown cascading down her body and it defintiely didn't look anything like your run of the mill wedding dress. It was classy, with a free-spirited boho feel, and topped off with a headband of roses, she looked like an etherial being.
The creative culprit behind this dream of a dress was the Australian online bridal store 'Grace Loves Lace,' and after hitting up their website, I was greeted with pictures of similarly stunning dresses to the one I'd originally fell in love with.
Grace Loves Lace makes ready-to-wear gowns from the finest French laces and silks and whilst each dress is not only utterly gorgeous, it successfully avoids all bridalwear cliches and 'seen-that-befores.'
I expect that every bride that floats down the aisle in a Grace Loves Lace gown will definitely leave her groom and guests speechless and unable to take their eyes off of her elegance. 
Visit the Grace Loves Lace website here.
{All images: Grace Loves Lace}


  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    Please follow our blog: http://www.honeyandlulu.blogspot.com.au/
    And we will definately follow and support yours!
    All the best and have a nice day

    Chloe & Sarah

  2. Hey Jessica!

    I've stumbled across your blog and I have to tell you, this post is stunning!
    These gowns are ethereal and tres boho chic!

    Come by http://fashioncherry.co/category/wedding-2/ think you'll love some of our wedding posts!

    Love Tasha from fashioncherry

    1. Hi Tasha,
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
      Im glad you appreciate these wedding gowns as much as I do.
      I love your website and am delighted to see that fellow South Africans are pioneering in the world of fashion journalism.
      Love Jessica


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