Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bold & Beautiful - Jewelry Trends 2012

I've never done a jewelry post on the blog before, but after falling in love with the new trend, I thought I'd add my two cents worth on the www. 
In all honesty, I've never really loved chunky statement jewelry, and have always opted for the 'less is more' approach to accessorizing, but ever since the new 'big and bold' trend has hit, I can't get enough of these 'look at me' statement pieces. Whether it be armor-styled or Cleopatra-inspired jewelry, lately I am loving it all. The sharp, defined edges with splashes of colour (even neons) are so chic yet so edgy.
I love it when a chunky statement necklace is paired with a tight bodycon dress or with a sheer blouse. The contrast of feminine with a strong edge is interesting and alluring. 
I found myself a stunning turquoise necklace from Mr Price the other day and then also splashed out at Diva on a chunky gold-plated necklace, and to tell you a secret, I think this is just the start of my collection.

1.) Gold Collar Necklace - H&M
2.) Antique Gold Egyptian Pyramid Collar Nacklace - StylemeTv £320
3.) Dagger Collar Necklace - Endless $188
4.) Tribal Triad Bib - BaubleBar $30
5.) Calypso Necklace - Pree Brulee $36.40
6.) Pinnacle Necklace - Another Feather $58
7.) 5 Station Necklace - Piperlime $75
8.) Leather Geo Necklace - PacSun $10.50
9.) Rocco Articulated Statement Necklace - ASOS $24.89
10) Yellow Triangle earrings - Lovisa

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