Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Wish...

I wish I was more patient

I wish that oceans didn’t have to keep people apart

I wish everyone felt free to be who they really are

I wish everyone felt free

I wish summer didn’t have to turn into winter

I wish the world was as innocent as it used to be

I wish the world cared and loved

I wish dreams would come true

I wish I still owned a trampoline

I wish I could save the world

I wish getting old wasn’t a fact of life

I wish everyone believed in something

I wish I could be a kid forever

I wish I didn’t fear failure

I wish all the pain in the world was replaced with comfort

I wish nobody had to worry about a thing

I wish children didn’t have to have their innocence taken away from them

I wish people wouldn’t argue

I wish some good things didn’t have to come to an end

I wish people couldn’t fall out of love

I wish every day was Christmas

I wish we all had more fun

I wish I could laugh every day and only cry tears of happiness

I wish I owned a little white house on the beach with blue shutters

I wish I could watch the sun rise and set every day

I wish I could sing and make music

I wish everybody believed in heaven and lived in heaven on earth

I wish people didn’t have to struggle to make ends meet

I wish friends stayed friends forever

I wish everybody would find their soul mate

I wish I didn’t care what people thought

I wish life wasn’t always so busy, so serious, so ‘grown-up’

I wish I could travel the whole world in my lifetime

I wish I could surf an endless wave

I wish all the oceans were clean and people cared enough not to pollute them

I wish everyone was treated like a special human being like they deserve to be

I wish I didn’t take the little things for granted so often

I wish I remembered all the compliments instead of the insults

I wish some people didn’t have be reduced to a memory in my mind

I wish all girls knew how beautiful they are and didn’t have to ever doubt it

I wish chivalry wasn’t dead

I wish I wasn’t bound by time, and I wish I had more of it

I wish all boys were romantic

I wish food could be enjoyed without the consequences of weight gain

I wish everybody knew the feeling like a surfer does

I wish I had a pet tiger

I wish nobody had to grow old alone

I wish I could wear a flower in my hair everyday

I wish I had fruit trees growing in my back yard

I wish chocolate really could dissolve all life’s problems like it does on movies

I wish fairytales existed outside of stories I heard as a child

I wish I fought harder for the things and the people I believed in

I wish people lived in light instead of darkness

I wish people could know who they really are, not what they’re told they are

I wish it was impossible to hold a grudge

I wish people smiled

I wish to find my other half

I wish I could speak my mind

I wish people didn’t try to conform when they were born to stand out

I wish parents couldn’t get divorced and children didn’t have to experience it

I wish all boys could play guitars

I wish he had a chance to walk in each others shoes for a day or two

I wish we didn’t ever outgrow jumping castles, hide-and-seek and jungle gyms

I wish everybody felt complete

I wish could fly

I wish I owned a retro car

I wish sometimes that I lived in the days when the only way to stay in touch was a letter in the mail

I wish I could take a trip into the minds of some people

I wish people didn’t value money over happiness and I wish it grew on trees

I wish we all turned the world into the place it should be. Heaven.

I wish what I wish. What do you wish? 

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