Thursday, June 10, 2010

Excess Baggage

I am currently facing a very great dilemma. But before I tell you what it is, just bear in mind that I am a girl who loves clothes, lots and lots of clothes… and shoes… and bags… and accessories.
Okay, now that we have established that, lets move on to analysing my current problem.
You see, I am leaving for Australia in a few short days, and I will be spending three whole months there. Where’s the problem with that you may ask? Well, I have the horrible task of packing lingering over my head. I’d be lying if I said I have not thought about what I’m going to take with me, because I think about it all too often. I am one of those people that always like to be prepared. Whenever we go away for weekends and somebody gets a splinter in their foot, I’ll be the one to ask for a pair of tweezers. If somebody forgot to bring socks, don’t worry, just ask me, I’ll have about 5 extra pairs on hand. While this may look like a great strength, it is proving to become my greatest weakness.
I have no issue packing, in fact I have a black-belt in packing and being prepared. But packing light, well let’s just say I haven’t packed light since… since… never.
A girl must always be prepared. That’s my motto in life. But how prepared is too prepared? Can somebody show me the line because I fear I am going to cross it.
I think I’m actually just more annoyed with the fact that airports limit the amount of luggage a single traveller can take. That’s just silly. An extra 10 kilos is not going to crash the plane okay guys.
I’m also tossing and turning about what items of clothing to take and what to leave behind, because it seems that whenever I start packing my possessions start breeding. I also suppose the fact that I change clothes a minimum of three times a day doesn’t help in this area either. Oh dear.
Then there’s the winter jackets that are heavy and take up space, and the boots, and the books, and, and, and. Plus I need to leave space for things I plan to buy over there and bring back with me. My suitcase is going to have to be like the one Mary Poppins used if I have any hope of pulling this off successfully.
My gosh, I actually sound like a such a high-maintenance girl, but I promise I’m not.
So if you know any tricks of the packing trade don’t be shy to leave your comments, I’m kind of in dire straits here, any help will do.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. 

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