Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Tribute To Creativity On The WWW (Part 1)

Some people in this world are so talented that sometimes I think they must be from another planet or something because how can somebody of the same human species as me be so incredibly creative making my talents look so, uh, average. 
Anyway, I get a huge thrill out of anything creative, I love to make and draw and paint and D.I.Y as much as possible, although my creations are vastly mediocre compared to the greater scope of creative people in this world. 
But to give credit where credit is absolutely due, I hereby declare this as my first official 'creativity' post of my blog thus far and will without a doubt not be the last. 
As I stumble across the creative talents of different people splashed across the world wide web, I pinky promise that I will post their creations onto my blog with the appropriate links and whatnot so that you can get a shot of inspiration for yourself.
So, to kickstart the display of artistic talent, here are some of my favourite finds so far:

Flapper Doodle
A lady that goes by the name of Kate Gabrielle has come up with the cutest doodles that she has named 'Flapper Doodle', and it is basically a collection of doodle-ish drawings of 1940's flapper girls doing a bunch of different activities. She has her own blog (click here to go there) and her own Etsy shop (click here to go there), and by the looks of things her collection has become so popular that she has even started adding her own Flapper Doodle merchandise which I would just love to own.

Visit Kate's Flickr here for more Flapper Doodle creations

Ps: Don't you just love these pictures? If only I could be so clever as to draw like this. 

Notebook Doodles
Then of course, we have the ever talented, creative mastermind behind The Notebook Doodles Blog, which is one of my favourite blogs just based on the fact that it wins the prize for originality of content plus it is bursting at the seems with inspiration. So if you haven't already visited The Notebook Doodles, then why are you just standing here? Go on, click this link.
This girl basically takes all her own photographs, then either doodles over them or writes quotes/messages on them in her own handwriting (which is stunning by the way. She also makes journals and includes tons of her own creative projects on her blog. Below is some of her work. 

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