Monday, June 7, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Although I would by no means regard myself as naïve towards technology and the like, I must admit I am quite a late bloomer on the bloggersphere, creating my own page some three years too late is not something I’m proud about, but after all, the wise do say “better late than never”.
You will have to excuse me while I blindly navigate my way around the confusing maze of html and whatnot, and although I have shamefully been putting the ‘pro’ in procrastinate lately, bear with me because I have every good intention of turning this blog into a hub of inspiration filled with little lovelies to brighten up your day.
I absolutely adore writing, I love the art of words and making sentences that sparkle, and so I am very excited to be beginning this virtual journal that can help me cohesively gather my thoughts and channel my all-over-the-place brain, and seeing as though everyone and their neighbour has a blog these days, I thought “why not give it bash.”
So here I am. First blog. First post. Writing about nonsense as usual, that perhaps nobody might ever read. But it’s fun nonetheless.
I’m trying to stick to with the theme of optimism at the moment, but if I peal back the layers and have a good look at my day today, it’s surprising that I’m writing in such a cheerful tone. I really do amaze myself sometimes. So, without getting all melancholic and emotional, I must vent just a little…
I had a rather stressful day to say the least, lots of plans racing through my head, but the very cherry on the top would have to be the fact that my computer’s hard drive decided that today would be a good day to malfunction on me, and so now I have lost everything…… Did you say everything?
Yes, everything. Every photo. every song. every piece of writing. Everything. All gone. Just like that.
I am still in the phase of denial and clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, the computer geeks can fix this mess, but until then, my heart is very sad.
My house is like the Bermuda triangle these days, technology is failing on us left right and centre. Even my beautiful white Blackberry got crushed under the car the other day. Can you handle it?
Anyway, I’d better not dwell on these sad facts, pouring salt into my own wounds is a bad idea.
On a happier note, I have exactly 15 days until I embark on my first overseas trip in my whole 17 years of existence. I really am battling to contain my excitement. I’m jetsetting to Australia (Sydney and Adelaide to be precise) and I just want the date to arrive already.
So much to do, so little time. Theme song of my life. Life is so much harder when cheesecake isn’t the solution.
So until next time….

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