Wednesday, June 22, 2011

California Here I Come

This little bird is about to fly the nest and has never felt more ready.

I’ve never been a person to let grass grow under my feet, and I have the combination of an adventurous spirit and a severe case of wanderlust to blame for this.
Last year I explored my freedom with two trips overseas, and now, in a few short months, lots of overweight luggage and I will be relocating to the USA. I have planned to live there for a year, but this newfound spontaneous attitude of mine may see me staying for quite a bit longer. Gosh, I’m sounding like a real gypsy, but I promise I’m not nomadic (Okay, maybe just a little.)

I’ve heard it been said by folks older and wiser than I who have already walked far down this path of life, that being young is a special thing. You are given a window of opportunity that doesn’t last forever, but if you seize enough of your moments you can make this time of life unforgettable and full of memories you’ll think back on when you sit knitting in your rocking chair one day.
The idea of a white-picket fence life has never tickled my fancy in the least. I could think of nothing worse than always colouring in between the lines of life, playing it safe and getting to the end of the road with pockets full on unfulfilled dreams and unlived adventures.
They say that you will always regret the things that you didn’t do, rather than the ones you did, and I am no fan of regrets, no sir.
So, I have decided to throw my caution to the wind and allow my heart to lead me into my future. I have mountains of dreams begging to be fulfilled and eyes that want to see the world.

My going to California is not just me acting on a whim, but has actually been a deep desire in my heart for over two years. In a country town called Redding, there is a church called Bethel where God is doing incredible things. There at Bethel they do a ‘School of Supernatural Ministry’ that has my name written all over it. When I first heard about the school, I prayed that one day the Lord would open a door for me to go and become a student. He’s a good listener, the best there is, and he heard every single prayer, even the ones I didn’t pray. A series of amazing God-ordained events has made it possible for me to go and live out possibly one of the biggest dreams that have ever had a home in this heart of mine. I feel like the luckiest girl alive.
Everyone has dreams but only a few will give up anything to chase them. I’ve always wanted to be among this minority, and here I am, weeks away from the greatest adventure of my life to date. I’ve had butterflies in my tummy for about a month. The excitement gets unbearable at times ; )

I am going to carry on blogging from America and will probably start a little ‘California Diaries’ section of this online journal to keep anyone who is interested up-to-date with my comings, goings and new experiences in the land of the famous, home of the beautiful.
I have got mountains of things to get done before I go. Think: Visas, accommodation organisation, health insurance, not to mention deciding what to pack (that is where my stress levels start to skyrocket), but its all part of the experience I guess. I am also in faith for more financial provision to make this dream a reality, but I don’t doubt for a split second that Jesus has got my back. 


  1. Wow.. Somehow I find your blog.. And it's the cutest thing. Well Someone repinned some of your things from here.. And I came to your blog. You are so creative. Keep on doing it. And pursuing your dreams.

  2. Thank you Eva!
    I see you also live in California? I just moved here, it's wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Yea, I live in Southern Cali. i have been living here since the beginning of last year. Most of the days it's a really nice place to live. Welcome to California :)


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