Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love it - June

A few things I love about June...
New adventures. Watching dreams become realities. Days of windless perfection. Long pyjamas. Sleeping cocooned in my duvet. Boots. Scarves. Stockings. Starting a new journal. Party planning. Craft days. Handmade happiness. Countryside meandering. Snow on the mountains. Ticking to-do lists. Pinterest. Photoshop projects. Whimsical photographs. Rooftop shenanigans. Starry nights. New Bon Iver album. Milo before bed. Interviews. Leaps of faith. God’s Generals. Early-morning gym sessions. 10km runs. Chinese food. Apple Macs. Life. Journeys. The glory realm. Being a chain tea-drinker. Mixtapes. Gypsy and the Cat. Pancakes. Swivel chairs. Project Runway. Learning new skills. My new stamps. Candle-lit bubble baths. Clever humour. Vida E CafĂ©. Stay-at home Friday nights. Saturday night gigs at Unit 11. To Our Divine. Sector 9’s. Pretty fonts. Blog design maintenance. Pursuing the desires of the heart. Speaking up. Watching dolphins swim past. Church family weekend away. The smell of burning wood. Sunsets that set the sky ablaze. Online shopping. Chalk boards. Buying winter clothes. Knee-high socks. Freebies. Re-runs of the OC. Skype dates with best friends. The Message. Beige nail polish. Thrillers. 1950’s swing. Ella Fitzgerald. Wahine Cup. Longboarding sessions at Satlies. Tea and rusks. Homemade pizza night. Cozying up on chilly days. Ignoring the alarm clock. Being a working woman. Watching the sun rise over the ocean. Heart-shaped anything. Smeg appliances. Cloud formations. Chuck and Blair. Lace sleeves. Stripy straws. Wendy houses. Wish lists. Oversized jumpers. Words of encouragement. Messy buns. Quirky stationery. Pepperdews. Flannel shirts. Ryan Gosling. Answered prayers.

{Images: We Heart It}

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