Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lauren Moffatt Spring '12

In my fashion vocabulary, spring spells w-h-i-m-s-c-a-l. As the flowers start blooming, so does my love for all things girly and vintage inspired. I get my kicks out of shelving the scarves and pea coats, dusting off the frilly dresses and painting myself with a palette of pastels. 
When I think of spring fashion, I think of a 20-something french girl who's messy fish-tail braid and floral dress catches the breeze as she scoots along cobble-stoned streets on a baby-blue Vespa on her way to picnic under the cherry-blossom trees. She sees the sunlit day through her Jackie-O shades and smells of Jasmine and vanilla. 
In honor of the season change, here's a gorgeous take on Spring Fashion according to designer Lauren Moffatt. Visit her website here

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