Friday, March 23, 2012

A Cuppa Jo

Messy hair day. Sitting in a claustrophobic Starbucks. Earl Grey in hand. Mood matches weather. Rain drops fall on bare trees outside the window. I like the patterns the droplets make on the concrete. I also like the colour of the sky, it matches today's blouse. Jayme Dee's "Rules" off The Hunger Games soundtrack has been swirling around in my ears since this morning, new favorite song. People watching is no fun today. Everyone in here is in a scholarly mood. Head in their Hemingway novels. Eyes glued to journals. This song makes an ideal soundtrack for a rainy day in spring. I think I'll keep my headphones in. Facebook notifications pile up as photo tags from today's successful thrift store adventure roll in. Yellow blazer is my wardrobe's newest edition. Spotify commercials are just as annoying as the day I first heard them. I have a thousand thoughts to write down in my diary but my mind is distracted by coffee shop activity. I'm the type of person that needs stillness and silence in order to construct coherent sentences and organize thoughts. Blank stares out the window. I wonder if the sun will come out again. Don't want to walk home in the rain and send this hair day from bad to worse. Must invest in an umbrella. Loving daylight savings. 
I leave for Mexico on Monday. Will be spending a night in a Malibu mansion on the way down and apparently we'll be engaging in a meet-and-greet with some well known people. I don't know details. I've resolved to spontaneity and am embracing an 'I don't mind' attitude (the good kind). I look forward to having yet another stamp in my passport from an unexplored country. I also look forward to seeing the ocean again. Withdrawal symptoms increase with each passing day. I hear Mexico is wild. Don't know what to expect. I'll be on a mission's trip down there working with children and preaching in churches. I feel so unprepared, though I'm very expectant. It will be an honor to serve people from a foreign land through love, prayer and healing. Jesus has great things up his sleeve, this I know. 
The population of Redding halved in size overnight. It's missions week at school and everyone is now dotted across the planet. Thailand, England, Paris, South Africa, Kenya, Lebanon, Israel, New Zealand. I get goosebumps when I think of the global transformation that is currently underway. I have friends with hearts set on changing the world. They will all do it. I know it. God, people amaze me. Spending hard earned money in order to serve the poorest of the poor. It defies human logic. Love is the most fierce driving force there is, and when it comes to the love of God, it's like a bull in a china shop. I anticipate testimonies of miracles and salvations. God, it's good to have a pulse and be alive to impact the world at large. 
It's been a good week. Giddy with joy. The Good News gets better every time I hear it. Seeing the world through His eyes makes everything a beautiful sight to behold. Falling more in love with life. Every day. Una Bella Vita.

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