Friday, July 1, 2011

I Love It - July

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.
Here are all the things I'm lovin' this July...

Annihilating to-do lists. Party planning. Betting on horses. Blog revamping. Boyfriend blazers. Rainbows and fulfilled promises. Travel preparations. Cupcakes. Sleeping in multiple layers of clothing under multiple blankets. Soup. Savoring family time. Perth. Calgary. Jogging along the beach promenade. Knee-high socks. The colour grey. My new tote bag. The sound of a kick drum. Men's flannel shirts. Braais and beach concerts. Holidays. Having friends from afar back in town. The Head and the Heart. Records. Thursday night dance sessions. Glory and Grace. Butterflies of excitement. Watching Tv whilst engulfed in  an armchair. The Durban July. Spreading the love. Spectacles and collared shirts. California dreamin'. Wakaberry Frozen Yoghurt. Chinese fire drills. My Pugly Pixel subscription. Learning new skills. Skype sessions. Percussion instruments. Foster the People. Laughing with Jesus. Apple products. Nature walks. Photographs of familiar faces. Appreciating people, not merely things. Leading from the heart. Quality time spent with good books. Paradigm shifts. Melancholic melodies. Mr Price Pro. Moleskin Journals. Layer cakes. Ballito jammin'. Kangol 'Nirvana' nail-polish. Mr Darcy. Finally getting to watch 'The King's Speech.' People who have impeccable  grammar skills. Brown paper packages. Realizing how good I've got it. Mountain getaways. 2 months remaining. Captain Jack Sparrow. Gossip Girl re-runs. Driving an turbo engined vehicle. Deep, meaningful conversations with new friends. Spray-painting surfboards. Cloud formations. Winter lovin'.

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