Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get your geek on with Pugly Pixel

The lovely Katrina from one of my top 10 favourite blogs of all time, Pugly Pixel, has decided to lend a helping hand to beginner bloggers around the world with her new blogging e-courses in which she is sharing her brilliant expertise, for free!

I do not profess to be an expert blogger, heck, not even close, but man am I having fun learning the art of web design and the techniques of blogging. I have had quite a few people approach me for blogging tips and advice, and now, thanks to the Pugly Pixel e-courses, I shall point these folk straight to this website

Katrina is an absolute whiz when it comes to all things web-related. Just go onto Pugly Pixel if you haven't already and you will see what all the fuss is about. She has a black belt in html, CSS and Photoshop, and has pages of video tutorials on her blog teaching the "not-quite-so-tech-savvy" bloggers how to go from strength to strength so that their blog can be the best possible representation of themselves.
I've finished up to lesson 2  of the 9 part e-course, and it has already been super helpful.
Watch this space and hopefully I will be able to use my new skills to tweak my blog, which is still under major construction and not quite looking the way I dream of it looking, but alas, 'tis a happy work-in-progress for me.

Click here to start the Pugly Pixel e-course. Enjoy yourself, and don't get too sucked in that you forget to do things like eat and sleep ; )

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  1. Hey Jess, I was just wandering how you started your blog and what you created it through? Did you purchase any of Katrinas kits or any others for that matter? Thank you! I truly love your blog, its so inspiring! Love, Robyn.


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