Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

Growing up I was a typical 'daddy's little girl.' I would ride on the back of his bicycle with him, falling asleep as we rode along the beachfront promenade. He would take me to the museum and talk to me about the exhibits as if I was an adult and could actually understand all the big words. He is the culprit that introduced me to avocado and now I blame him for my avo addiction. He nicknamed me "the Jessic" and then went on to name our black VW beetle "the Jessic" as well. He used to say a prayer with me every morning on the playground before school and he taught me the song 'Jesus loves me and the bible tells me so.' He taught me how to make the noise of a frog by clicking my tongue had a special 'whistle' for me that I could always recognise, no matter how loud or crowded the place was. I would sit on the beach wearing his oversized T-shirt watching him coach surfing to a bunch of boys that are all grown up and professional now. I remember him sternly warning the school bully never to lay a hand me, and I loved it when he would fetch me from school with surfboards on the roof, ready for an afternoon at the beach. We loved getting ice-cream from Bariloche, me always getting the strawberry flavour, and him the chocolate. He taught me how to love and appreciate nature {and chocolate}, and would always point out the beauty of God's creativity in the clouds, the flowers, the ocean, and I still see God in these things daily. One of our favourite places to go together was the Rose Garden. Situated opposite Mitchell Park at the top of Florida road, this was a place we'd often go, and just walk and chat while he would teach me something new that I hadn't known before. It was in this garden, inbetween two rows of roses, that he introduced me to Jesus for the first time, a day that marked a change in my life forever. Just a few years before this defining moment of my life, him and I had a photoshoot amidst the roses. Below are some of the pictures of that day taken by photographer Lance Slabbert. Everytime I look at these I get a lump in my throat due to the huge sentimental weight they carry. Beautiful memories of a beautiful time in my life as daddy's little girl.

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