Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Love It - March

Is it just me or was February a very short month? Anyhoo, here are some of the things that I am loving about March...

End of summer. Cooler days begin. Morning land breezes. The smell of burning sugar cane. Maxi skirts. Night markets. Getting addicted to jogging. Quinoa. Lace-up boots. Fallen leaves. The colours of autumn. Filling the pages of my journal with daily adventures. A new season in my life. Closing chapters. Expression via words. Milo before bed. Freedom. Dreaming of far-away lands. Unit 11. Making new friends. Re-discovering what a gem Durban is. Giving away old clothes. Grey nail polish. Rosy cheeks. Weekend sleep-ins. Genuine people. Spontaneity. Fish Eagle dam. Making good use of 'student gear'. Get-together's with friends that make me belly-laugh. Angus and Julia Stone. Appreciating people's differences. Enjoying the beauty in everyone. The RLC family. Soaking evenings. Living in a apostolic age. Making gifts. Trying out a new recipe. D.I.Y days. Hunting for typewriter ribbon. Retweets. Learning how to trust in things I cannot see. Peace. Comfy couches. Curry evening. Weddings. Oversized rings. Compiling a photo album. Adding to my vintage book collection. Decorating my room. Red wine. Taking my pugs for walks. Doing something childish. Blackberry voice notes. Twitter wit. Nostalgia. Writing to-do lists on my arm. The funny things children say. The feeling of a new toothbrush. Minimalistic fashion. The colour white. Keeping it classy. Finding out what I want via a process of elimination. Staying true to my heart. Super Mario. 

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