Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My week in a post

On Friday I went with miss Kirsty Delport { someone that always activates my laughing glands } and a new friend Jinx to the Litchi Orchard Night Market in Salt Rock. It was divine.
We shared a bottle of red wine, ate biltong and organic granadilla cake { heaven on a plate } whilst chatting, giggling and listening to a musician that only knew one guitar chord and sang songs like 'Hotel California' and 'Achy Breaky Heart'. But the mood was lovely nonetheless.

Saturday saw me dragging my heels to my dad's grade 7 reunion. Meaningless chit-chat with total strangers was on the menu for the afternoon and needless to say I was wearing my unhappy face. I luckily managed to sneak off early to the greener pastures of the Mundell's house. Indulging in Chateau Gateaux delights and girl talk with two of my oldest friends Jessica and Rebecca caused the day to take a turn for the better.
I then spent the rest of the night dancing and singing "girls just want to have fun" with my parents and their friends at a 40th birthday bash. The house belonged on an episode of Top Billing, yes, it was that level of mansion. The night showed me that my love for dancing and 80's music is definitely hereditary.

Woke up to the sound of rain. Grey clouds and being home alone made me dedicate my Sunday to being a "craft-pyjama-no makeup-day" .. It was wonderful and I lost myself and the diningroom table in a sea of ribbon and pretty paper as I made a gazillion birthday cards for friends. A productive day in some way and an unproductive day in others.
Went for a 5km run that evening { working through a running programme that is supposed to make me addicted } and then hit the glassy sea for an evening surf.

These past two days I have bravely been babysitting 4 little rascals. Supermom to the rescue!
Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Wherever we go I have to carry more luggage than an overseas traveller and my car is cluttered from door to door with carseats, toys and soggy biscuits. I will be doing this until Friday and although I am not a coffee drinker, I may just need to cross over to the dark side.
I have a new respect for single mom's and think I'll put off childbearing for a good few years.

Last night I watched "I Am Number Four," which is like a warped version of "Twilight" with aliens replacing Vampires and shape-shifting dogs replacing Jacob and his team of werewolves. The best thing that movie has going for it is a killer soundtrack with the likes of Kings of Leon, The Temper Trap, Adele and Civil Twilight. If you don't watch the movie, at least buy the soundtrack. 

And still to come this week:

Cake or Death:
This Thursday, the Unit lineup is looking about as polished as your shoes on the first day of school. They'll be having songs sung by Hey! Hustler, Ross A Bear (From Molly and I), Durban Heights, Matthew Mole and Shani {it will be her birthday so don't forget to make her feel all special and stuff}. 
Music always sounds better when it's your friends that are making it. 

Hruki Presents: 
Then on Friday, Unit 11 will be hosting the boys from City Bowl Mizers and their vibey tunes along with The La Els and Dead Alphabet. 

I Heart Market:
The April market is bound to be another wonderful morning of all things pretty and handmade. I will be collecting two antique tea cups that I purchased online and am very excited for them to start off my collection { I shall be posting pictures soon }.

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