Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've gone a bit country...

"I've gone a bit country since I met you;
I used to be so rock 'n roll."
-Banjo and Violin, The Audreys

The other day my family and I decided we were due for another up-country getaway to let the fresh mountain air dust away all of the cobwebs that tend to accumulate when living in the city.
We have always had such a passion for the midlands, and since a little girl we've taken regular trips to the mountains of KwaZulu-Natal in order to relax, unwind and let ourselves be cleansed by the beauty of the scenery.
Every time I am in the country, something inside of me just comes alive. The sights, sounds and crisp clean air do wonders for my soul. I am a a 'naturalist' to my core, and the beauty of creation always inspires me and makes me feel more at peace than anything else.
Being a surfer and an ocean lover, the coast is where I spend 99% of my time, although I can more than relate to living in the countryside. Every time I am there I have to remind myself why I live in the city, and not in a little cottage tucked away in the countryside trees...
I could easily live the simple life. Grow my own fruit and vegetables, have a cow or two, and some chickens. I'd own a white cottage with blue shutters and a wrap-around porch with a swing on the veranda where I could drink tea and read books. I would huddle by the fireplace in the wintertime sipping hot chocolate and I'd swim in the lake during summer. I would spend my days doing all kinds of crafts, cooking, baking, writing and painting. I'd get over my fear of horses and ride through the mountains. I'd go on picnics amongst wildflowers, lie under the stars and build a snowman on snowy days...
Well I don't know about you, but after that paragraph, I'm ready to sell up and move to the midlands.
Who knows, maybe I will become a farm girl one day.

PS: A post is soon to follow with all the details from our time away in the midlands, and some photos too. For now, you can enjoy these images from We Heart It.

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