Saturday, January 8, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

While in the Midlands this week, I visited many antique shops and came across some absolutely gorgeous vintage bicycles, and in my opinion, the more rust and the more chipped paint they had, the more character they oozed.
I've always been a lover of bicycles, especially those from a different era that seem to have their own story to tell; of people, of places and of distant journeys.
I have so many memories of my own that involve bicycles. Learning to ride, getting my first bicycle and cycling aroung the city of Adelaide in Australia with good friends in the pouring rain.
I am on the hunt now for two bicycles. I want to find one that is dilapidated, yet an antique so that I can use it as a display piece in my home or garden. The other I want to find is a genuine, old school, fully functional vintage bicycle with a bell and a basket that I can use to cycle around the neighbourhood, ride to the beach with my surfboard under my arm, and carry flowers in its basket.
If anyone knows where I could find any pretty bicycles like this, don't be shy to leave your comments.

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