Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Antique shopping and Cafe hopping

Today, some of my favourite friends on the planet, came with me on a little galivant around Durban...
Since we all share the same love for all things antique and vintage, we agreed that a day spent thrifting was long overdue.
We started out at my favourite cafe in the city, Churchill House Antique shop located on Churchill road off Windemere. We had tea and spent some good time coveting all the gorgeous weathered furniture and antiques that we would practically sell our kidneys just to own. The phrase "When I have my own house one day..." was definitely over-used.
We then drove along Windemere and visited another antique shop before sauntering over to Ike's Books and Collectables. As soon as I walked up that wooden staircase into the store, I was convinced I had died and gone to heaven. Ike's is stocked, wall-to-wall with the most beautiful looking old books I've ever come across, and I was in my element. I spent ages wandering through the shop and came across all sorts of collectables from different eras. They have typewriters, polaroid cameras, old postcards, and binoculars, just to name a few, and not to mention books of ALL sorts. I ended up leaving with some stunning old postcards as well as three weathered books to start off my collection. Smiles all around!
We then visited another two antique shops on Davenport road, and then stumbled across a stunning shop called 'Mooi' on Bulwer road.
I have driven past the shop many times before and always made a mental note to visit there one day when I have time to have a good browse, and today happened to be the perfect day.

On the Mooi blog, I found this write up that best describes the shop:
"Fiona and Lauren believe strongly in supporting South African products. We can't resist second hand goodies, dusting them of, sanding them down & simply reviving them. We support recycled fabric designs by Miss Moneypenny & Tigerlily. Most rewarding however is the Community based projects we support, Cotton Stars, Mielie, Shwe shwe poppis, Trashybags & more. Come visit our little store for many more inspiring designs by local designers"
I spotted some of my favourite Durban designers and jewellery designers, and Mooi stocks products from Genevieve Motley, Token Ceramics and Whimsy, amongst many others. I also came across a few vintage collectables dispersed throughout the shop, and what a lovely shop it is. Visit the Mooi blog by clicking here, or take a drive down to their shop at 100 Bulwer road Glenwood, you wont be sorry.
We ended the day off with some Chinese take-out and on the way home I stopped in at 'Imagine That' to stock up on some more craft supplies to begin making a special friend a birthday card.
Below are some photos that I got from the Mooi blog as well as the Token Ceramics blog (click on each image for source)

(Ceramics by Token Ceramics)

 (Perspex brooches by Nicky Savage)

(Brooches by Hello Fox)

(Brooch by Whimsy)

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