Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Love It - January

A few things I love about January...

New Year. New Beginnings. Post-Christmas sales. Middle of Summer. Holidays. Early Sunrises. Late sunsets. Driving with the windows down. Pay day. Road trips. Afternoon surfs. The smell of sunblock. Holiday-makers leave. Fish Braais. Sleeping without a duvet. Ice-cream. Bright nail-polish. Wearing the colour yellow. Fruit salad. Sand between my toes. Decisions. Giorgio Armani perfume. Picnics. Thunderstorms. Listening to new music. Sandals. Discovering new cafes. Bronzed skin. Wedge heels. Making it through my list of 'Must-reads'. Wearing a dress every day. Sea breeze. Fireworks. Beach strolls. Dinner parties. Family bonding time. Mango Groove. Healthy eating. The swing of things. Exercising begins again. High-waisted skirts.

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