Monday, January 10, 2011

A diary is a girl's best friend...

I used to keep a regular diary when I was a little girl and write about things like school, my pets and play dates at friend's houses. I still have those diaries that I used to write in, and going back and reading them is always an entertaining experience. I feel like those entries were written by an entirely different human being, and those memories seem as distant as if they never happened at all. It's really amusing to see how bad my spelling skills used to be along with my handwriting which I'm glad has improved since...
In December last year I was given a journal, and I decided that I would stop procrastinating and start writing in it daily like I once used to. I love writing, but just the thought of 'having to' write in a diary every day used to make me tired. So, I agreed that I would write a small little paragraph every day, just as a means of expressing myself and gathering my sometimes all-over-the-place thoughts.
Well, it turns out I've been such an avid journal keeper that on a good day I've found myself writing close on four pages. I'm truly loving it so much and I hope that the phase doesn't pass.
My life really isn't that interesting that I need to keep a diary, but even if it's just pointless daily ramblings, I think it's such a good way to measure growth and maturity. You realise how much you change and develop as a person when you go back and read your past thoughts, feeling and attitudes about certain things.

Anyway, I was on the website of an AMAZING Australian magazine called 'Frankie Magazine' and found this journal that they were selling. I would literally do anything to get my hands on one of these puppies, they have my name written all over them. I mean I love the colour, love the interior, love it all.
Below are some images from the Frankie Magazine website which is really lovely. I think you should follow the link and go check it out if you haven't already.

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