Friday, November 9, 2012

Keep Calm and Go To England

An hour ago I received some splendid news in the form of a missions trip acceptance email. As some of you know, I'm at a ministry school in California as I'm deeply passionate about spreading the love of Jesus to the four corners of the globe. As a part of our year, some 2500 students are given the option of choosing missions trips worldwide, and come April, we get flown to our respective destinations to impact the planet through love and joy. Ever since forever I have dreamed of visiting England; my family tree traces back to the land and I do love the Brits so. As you guessed it, my application for the England missions trips was approved and I will be setting off to the wonderful land in a few months time. I am elated at the fact that I will get to love, honor and serve such a beautiful and influential nation and it's people. April, come quickly!
Here's to tea, scones and posh accents. 


  1. Hi Jessica
    This is great news, I immigrated to the UK in 1996 from Durban, South Africa and love living here...except for the odd grey week we may have! We go to a New Frontiers church, called Kings in Eastbourne. Where do you think you may go in the UK ? xox Penelope

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Thanks for the message. I am so so excited to go to England and especially because we will be getting to minister there. I am not entirely sure of the names of the churches we will be ministering at or the areas we will be in. We have our first team meeting on tuesday and I'm sure I will find out then :)
      Are you familiar with Bethel at all? That's the ministry school I am at

  2. Ooh how exciting! Congrats! I live in Oxford (which is really beautiful - you must visit!) and would so love to bump into you some time :)


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