Sunday, February 26, 2012

With our love for French sugary delights overpowering us, my two friends and I joined forces this week in an attempt to bake some Macaroons. With the word on the street being that these little guys require much culinary skill to perfect, we hoped that we had what it takes to churn out a batch of semi-decent ones. 
To give credit where credit is absolutely due, our first tray full of chocolate flavored macaroons were flawless, and after taste-tests and high-fives, we were proud to have been conquerers. 
The recipe and baking procedure is definitely not for amateurs, but if you enjoy having a sugar carnival take place in your mouth, baking macaroons is well worth the risk and effort.
Here are some snapshots from our macaroon-making laboratory:


  1. Hi Jessica! I just happened to stumble onto your blog whilst searching for 21st party planning inspiration in Pinterest and all I can say is, "can you possibly be any cooler?!?" Hahaha. I love your craft creations and party planning awesome-ness, your taste in music and the fact that you are a lover of Jesus! So I just thought I should let you know that I think your blog is AMAZING!

  2. Please can you send the recipe? Thanks


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