Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things I'm Thankful For: #1

I have been been strolling through 2012 with a thankful heart and eyes intent on searching out beauty in everything, everywhere. It's there if you'll just look beyond what you see. Recently, I have been the collector of moments where I feel as though I am tasting life for the first time. Moments where I find myself stopping to admire something that most would label as mundane. Sometimes life is a lot more intriguing when you carry a different perspective around with you. 

So, in honor of appreciating life and it's fleeting moments, my new self-challenge is to compile a list of things I am thankful for each day. I want to be a person that approaches each day with childlike awe and sincere gratitude if for no other reason than the simple joy of having a pulse. 

Things I'm Thankful For: #1
Reflections cast on still waters

{Taken with Hipstamatic}

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