Thursday, August 4, 2011

Journals: Australia Travel Journal

 I took a much needed gap year last year after I finished my final year of school, and headed down under to explore Australia. It was my first overseas trip, so there was great excitement and many unknowns. I made myself a travel journal a few days before I left South Africa, and almost every day of my 3 months in Aus, I journalled my adventures. The pages of this journal now hold the most special of memories from a place close to my heart. It holds stories of times spent with new and old friends, and tales of the discovery of new places and landscapes. It is also home to all kinds of memorabilia, such as bus passes, photographs, clothing tags etc, and I still open my journal {which ended up becoming more of a scrapbook} every now and then and smile as I remember my unforgettable trip.
Ps: I know that this post is about a year too late, but with my California trip coming up, I was looking for inspiration for my USA travel journal, and I figured going through my own personal 'archives' was the best place to start.


  1. your journals are really beautiful! i don't know how you do it .... where do you get the time from?

  2. Wow, I ran across your blog looking for inspiration for a journal I want to do post-trip of a trip we did a while back, and it's really gorgeous! Definitely got the inspiration I wanted :)

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