Thursday, December 9, 2010

Working is the new Unemplyed

I seem to have greatly contradicted myself when I vowed to never get a job over the festive season, however I have surprised myself in more ways than one this year, so why stop now?
I have just been employed as retail store assistant at a design and decor shop called 'Origins' at Lifestyle Centre in Ballito.
The shop is absolutely stunning and is just overflowing with the most exquisite products that range from furniture and home decor items to jewellery and gifts. Majority of the items sold in the shop are sourced from local suppliers and can be branded as 'Proudly South African.' I would describe the feel of the store as 'ethinic meets glamour' as their is an intricate blend of African style and contemporary chic. Each piece sold has a specific 'Origin' or story to tell as most are either hand made by local people, artists or manufacturers.
As I learn the ropes in the store, I also look forward to discovering the story behind each uniquely crafted item and how it came into being, and this is what the store tries to capture with each of it's products.
Although today was just my first day, I can already say in all confidence that this is the most creatively stimulating job I have ever been involved in, and I simply love being in a gorgeously decorated environment working with luxury decor items, all of which I wish I could own. This job is so up my alley as I can be involved with organising and decorating the store as well as meeting clients and possibly even suppliers too.
There is such an abundance of inspiration at the shop, and hopefully this job experience will give me a better indication as to whether I'd like to get involved in this industry on a more permanent and serious basis. So for now, I am just testing the waters and soaking in all the creativity like a sponge.

What kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't share some visual appetisers with you? So here are a few of the items on sale in the store, all from the Origins website, click here to visit the full page.

Come visit Origins at Lifestyle Centre next time you're in Ballito and feel like making adding to your home's prettiness.

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