Friday, December 31, 2010


Seeing as though there is only T-minus 24 hours left of Two Thousand and Ten (wow, scary), I thought it would be only fitting that I should look back over my shoulder and do a little tribute to '2010, the best year of my life'...
I've heard it said in much conversation lately that this year has come and gone so quickly, and indeed it has.
At the beginning of this year, I wrote a brief entry into my journal about what I hoped the year ahead would be like. I dubbed 2010 the year of 'new beginnings' and hoped it would be a year of pure fun. It almost seems as if that journal entry were prophetic, because as I look back and read it, I realise that this year was everything I wanted, hoped for, dreamed of, and more.
There also remained the unspoken hope that this year would be a year of discovery and that I would discover something entirely new, about myself, about this life and about the direction I’m headed... and so it was...
I uncovered many things about myself over these past months; I discovered strengths, talents, passions and dreams whose existence I had been oblivious to until I began this journey into 2010, nearly 365 days ago.
What made this year so spectacular you may ask?
Well for a start it was the first year in which I was able to escape the clutches of school, and it was dedicated to be my 'gap year'; a time to catch my breath, relax, and do the things I wanted to do, instead of fulfilling obligations and meeting deadlines.
I also embarked on my first overseas trip to Australia (all by myself), and exercised much spontaneity along the way. Stayed for three months instead of the intended two, all thanks to the bucket loads of fun I was having whilst falling madly in love with the country as each day passed.
I went to Hong Kong and being a little girl in a big city, I found myself completely overwhelmed by it's vastness and very mesmerised by all the lights, smells, sounds, and fashion. The phrase 'culture shock' can be applied here.
I fell in love. Turned 18. Got my driver's license. Got a car. Went sailing. Had a range of differing jobs. And had more fun than I knew what to do with.
Now can you see why I have been raving about 2010 so?
Perhaps however, the greatest treasure that I have uncovered this year, is people. Throughout both my travels and day-to-day life, this year, I have been submerged in a sea of the most amazing, special human beings on the planet and I feel as though my life has been enriched by their presence in it.
Although I am still young and by no means an expert on life, nor a philosopher of any sort, I don't think it requires too much intelligence to realise that the best things in this life are not 'things' at all, but people, and I am rich not because of what it says on my bank statement but because of the people that form a part of my life. God knows how grateful I am for you all.

So here's a toast to 2010, the greatest year of my life thus far. A toast to everyone who made the memories possible. A toast to the generosity of all who sowed into my life in so many ways. A toast to discovery, growth, fun, laughter and new beginnings.

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