Friday, January 6, 2012

I love it - January

Fall weather lingers on. The smell of new beginnings. Peace like a river. Fleet Foxes. Generosity. Red nails. Stepping closer to my Thailand dream. Teetering on the edge of great risks. Inspiration boards. Prophetic words pinned on bedroom walls. Hosting tea parties. The fact that the Notebook can still make me cry. Tailored shorts and suspenders. Doing another loop around the neighborhood to listen to a good song finished. Practicing Kingdom principles. Paradise Lost. Rivertrail runs. Wind and Willow. The cross-shaped doorway to bliss. Mixed wine. Bread of the presence. Delighting myself in the Song of Songs. CommUNITY. Blogging, journaling and everything in-between. Dreaming with God. Stillness, silence, serenity. Red velvet cupcakes. The country air. My secret spot overlooking the mountains. A joy so deep it cannot be expressed externally. Hitting the ground running. The population of Redding returns to it's normal size. Joyfest with Georgian. Reading Old-English compilations. Brother Lawrence's revelations. Freshly picked flowers. Peppermint tea. Polka dots. Tweed. Drowning in a knitted scarf. Sitting with my feet up. Normality. Returning to routine. Craft days. Mason jar D.I.Y projects. The year of abundance. Lanterns on the Lake. Etherial indie playlist. A good male falsetto. Heart-shaped chalk boards. Painting. Girly giggling. Showing 2nd John who's boss. Falling in love with everything. Growing in love with everyone. Cadbury. Playing piano again. The feeling of my pen gliding across a page giving substance to my thoughts. Following my bliss. Vanilla hand cream. The gift of hindsight. Gratitude. 

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