Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why thank you, 2011

2011 came and left, and like the winds of summer, brought with it adventures unexpected, moments unforgettable, dreams fulfilled and trials overcome. Last year for me was a time of growth and expansion of borders and boundaries, both physically, spiritually and emotionally. It was a time of black, white and many colorful seasons and has been the best and toughest year of my life. From uncertainties and leaps of faith to seeing promises fulfilled and dreams realized. Of all the things I've learnt in 2011, amidst the laughter and tears shared with family and friends old and new, it's that God is good, and all his plans have my best interests at their core. I learnt over the year that His voice, whether it be loud and resounding everywhere and in everything or still, small and seemingly silent, can always be trusted. I'd bet my bottom dollar on His guiding hand because it always leads me to spacious places and calm waters. Throughout the year, His presence was my consciousness, His face my pursuit and His arms my embrace. 2011, thanks to you for shaping, defining and refining me in a way no other year ever has. Here's to you.

My 2011 experience in a nutshell:
- Pockets full of adventures. Both planned and sporadic.
- Learning how to keep peace amidst a storm
- Filling up the pages of my passport with stamps from foreign lands
- Caution thrown into the wind
- Feeling at home in the big wide world
- Enjoying the feeling of my pen gliding across a page giving substance to my thoughts
- Planning parties
- Burning holes in the dance floor
- Jumping for my dreams
- Leaving and cleaving
- Mastering the art of doing my own laundry
- Seeking Him and finding more of myself along the way
- Wandering down unchartered avenues of creativity
- Building friendship foundations
- Learning the ways of transparency
- Being on the receiving end of ridiculous generosity
- Becoming a regular face in the crowd at local gigs
- My first proper job accompanied with a swivel chair
- Paradigm shifts
- Appreciating the gift of hindsight
- Enjoying moments whilst they're busy unfolding
- Learning what it means to rest
- Enlarged borders. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.
- Spending endless hours lost in Photoshop
- Exploring the extravagant dimensions of grace
- Belly laughing with best friends
- Seeing snow fall for the first time
- Waking up each morning with a grateful heart and a smiling face

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