Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin Flavored Fun

My amazing new friend Hannah and I decided to join forces on Halloween night and bake pies, carve pumpkins and drink obscene amounts of chai tea. Mission accomplished.
In between handing out candy to visiting trick-or-treaters, we whipped up two delish creations, and considering the fact that we were both pie-baking rookies, they turned out ridiculously well. Whilst they were still warm to the touch, we dolloped whipped cream onto our slices, and sat with our feet up sipping chai and watching Amélie and Bridget Jones. You know, just reveling in the glory of single life.

The first one to hit the oven was the pumpkin pie, and being from South Africa, I had only ever tasted this once before in my life, so I was most excited to actually bake my own from scratch. 

Pumpkin Pie:
We originally only intended to make one pie, but seeing as though we had an extra pastry dish, we scoured the fridge for anything that remotely resembled pie ingredients. In the end we conjured up an apple and mixed berry pie, which was ironically the more delicious of the two.
We added apples, mixed berries, raisins, sugar, cinnamon and then topped it with an oat, sugar and honey crumble. Mmmm mmmm.

Apple and Berry Pie:

While the pies were in the oven, we teamed up to carve our first ever pumpkin, and it's a lot more of a risky ordeal than I had imagined, but we managed to do it and leave fairly unscathed. 
I was impressed with how great our girly-looking pumpkin turned out, and once the tea light candles were placed inside, it made the perfect Halloween decoration for outside our front door. This was a truly American experience for me, and I wish my childhood had been filled with more pumpkin-carving!

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