Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You want to buy my car?... Sure!

As I indefinitely bid farewell to South Africa in September, I will also be waving goodbye to my trusty little silver cabby. 
I am looking to sell my car as soon as possible, and what a better advertising space than my own blog.
She is a 2005 Silver Renault Modus with 100 000kms on the clock. She has been nurtured, serviced and very well looked after. Immaculate interior and exterior (I am a neat-freak) and in very good overall condition. Selling price is R50 000. Email me on jessica@eca.co.za if you are interested, want to chat about price, or if you know somebody who knows of somebody. Please spread the word, I am relying on the power of 'pass-it-on'.

{Photos of my pretty little cabby}


  1. Where are you moving to? 'Stralia?

  2. Oi, no mate. Not 'stralia this time. Heading over to the land of the free, home of the brave (Bethel to be very precise).
    So much of excitement in this heart of mine


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