Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love it - South Africa

Things I love about South Africa:
The sound the birds make in response to the rising sun. Rooibos tea before bed. Familiar faces everywhere you go. Salt of the earth people. The colours, of the people, of the sunsets, of the skies, of the land. The beaches that raised me. Hospitality. The smell of a summertime braai. The way it looks after it's rained. The sounds of the night. Star-clustered skies. Four seasons in a day. Freedom. The richness of the land. Thunderstorms. Winding mountain roads. Flavors. Our history and our journey as a nation. Wildlife. Curry, bunny chows and breyani. Occasionally having to chase a monkey out your house. The humor. A country that never takes itself too seriously. Jumping off the piers. World-class wine. Promenade skates. Humid air. The garden route. Surf spots for days, and days. Wide open spaces. A people shaping their future. The smell of burning sugar cane. The Drakensberg. Fresh fruit. Rugby braais and watching the men shout at the TV. The high spirits when the Springboks win the match. Biltong, biltong, biltong. Inside jokes, thanks Trevor Noah. Camaraderie. Christmas at the beach  in the summer. Open homes and open hearts. Spirituality. Wells of revival. A colourful country. The proudly South African spirit. 


  1. This is a really lovely post. I've never been to South Africa before...Hopefully will be at some point in the future :)x

  2. I love this post so much. It includes a lot of things I also love about our beautiful country. Proudly South African all the way!



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