Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This week's tune is yet another toe-tapper by the Sydney electropop band 'Van She,' and although it's a remix, it hardly detracts from the greatness of the original. While I was on Youtube trying to get the embed code for this music video, I read the following comment:
"I spent 5 nights in Sydney (mistakenly should have been more) this past November and was introduced to the club scene and the music that goes along with it. I used to think California was an interesting and loving place, however fortunately I was wrong. Australia's vibes are levels upon levels more loving, ecstatic, and hip. I found there's something interesting about the artists from Sydney. They don't feel the need to follow dance music trends from around the world. They create their own."
I loved this comment because it rings with truth. I spent some time in Sydney in 2010 and was blown away by the culture, music, fashion and every level of creative expression that those Aussies are exuding. This track is super vibey and I don't doubt that you'll love it. Check out some of Van She's 
other stuff, it's all pretty great.

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