Monday, August 6, 2012

iPhone Covers To Die For

I love society6.com, which is basically an online store that specializes in iPhone covers, prints and T-shirts which are all designed by contributing artists/designers who sell their products through the website. It's a win/win scenario as up-and-coming creatives get to showcase their work and earn some dollar whilst the general public gets to score some affordable and trendy items. Above are some of my favorite iPhone covers found whilst browsing on Society6, and I think when I get back to the USA, I'll need to make my purchase. The decision-making process won't be an easy one though. FirstWorldPains. 


  1. Wow thanks for showcasing these cases! I'll have to keep this shop in mind when I decide to buy a new iphone case!

  2. I love to buy iphone covers with abstract images and graphics on them. They are best to protect the gadget in a fashionable manner.


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