Friday, December 10, 2010


Summer has hit Durban like a slap in the face.
These are a few things synonymous with summer in South Africa:

Early sun rises

•Late sun sets

•The smell of gasoline in the summer heat

•Christmas… Need I say more?

•That feeling of the first summer sunburn

•The warm ocean

•Being woken up by the sun shining through the blinds

•Eating watermelon with the juice dripping down my face

•Late afternoon thunderstorms

•Holidays and Getaways

•Careless hours lying in a hammock

•Endless days on the beach


•Vaalies invade by the thousands

•New years festivities

•Suffocating humidity

•Surfing for hours in bikinis and boardies

•Exploring the coastline

•The contrast between white and brown made by tan lines

•Floating around the pool on a lilo

•Sipping ice cold drinks

•Escaping to a rare patch of shade when the sunshine gets overwhelming

•Sunhats and Sunnies are out in full force

•Battling to find a free spot of sand on an overcrowded beach

•The smell of sunblock and its oily feeling on my skin

•Having to sprint across the beach due to the hot sand

•Small waves that are only fun on a longboard

•Braais around the pool

•The smell of the rain on the hot tarmac

•Summer lovin’

• 'I love Durban' Hats become a popular sight

•Living in a pair of slops and a summer dress

•Sunbleached and salty hair

•Feeling like you’re about to evaporate in the heat

•Seeing everyone’s red faces after a scorcher of a day

•Beach parties and celebrations

•Feasting on whatever food I love

•No cares, no stress just a season without worry

•Strapping boards on the roof to find a new spot

•Putting the airconditioner to very good use

•Shopping, spending and a whole lot of splurging

•All the best fruits come into season

•Dancing the night away and surviving on very little sleep

•Jocks playing beach rugby

•None of that annoying thing they call ‘school’

•Driving with the windows down

(Images: We Heart it)

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