Monday, December 6, 2010

Letters To Crushes

There is something about a handwritten letter that I just cannot resist.
Whether it be a letter to a friend or a secret confession of admiration, I love letters.
I could frolic in beautifully constructed sentences and gorgeous sounding words for hours.
I have recently been spending copious amounts of time on the website "Letters To Crushes" and if you sift through the masses of cliched love notes, you will stumble across some genuinely heart-felt love letters from anonymous lovesick people around the globe that sometimes cause a lump in your throat or bring a smile to your face. Below are some heart-warming posts that I found on the site...

whenever you explain something to me, whenever you tell me a story, whenever you talk non-stop for a minute or two, half of my consciousness just watch how your eyes sparkle, how your lips move, and how your cheeks blush.
and the rest of me just plays it cool.
funny the way it is

I was thinking that this summer we could fall in love.
You interested?

"I want to know what colour paint is on your bedroom walls. I want to know whether you cross your legs when you watch your favourite show. I want to know what your fingers would feel like in mine. I want to know what your hair looks like when you wake up in the morning. I want to know what books made you cry. I want to know your favourite architect. I want to know how hard you can hug. But most of all I want to know if you want to know the same things about me."

We had our first fight today.
I said I hated you.
You said you hated me.
Then you kissed me with so much passion and intensity that my knees went weak.
We're now more in love than before.
I think we should fight more often.


i like when we sit next to each other and your leg fits perfectly against mine. i like when our feet bump and we don’t apologize. i like this comfort. i like this closeness. i like you.

— me

I want us to have a little girl and see you carry her on your shoulders.
I want us to have a little boy that has your smile.
- Your Girl Forever

Smart girl,

I want to learn to paint so I can paint for you.
I want to learn to sing so I can sing for you.
I want to learn to write songs so they can be about you.
I want to hold art in my hand and control it just so I can create visual metaphors for your beauty.
For now, I will just write to you. We stare at paintings together in museums to find their meanings, and I wish I knew the meaning of us.
Do you think we’ll ever be in a painting? Do you think I will have painted it? I hope that some day you know this is how I feel. Until then, my brain creates hypothetical songs and watercolors for you.

— Silly boy

Dear Girl,
I really like you.
I want to take you everywhere I love because I know you'll love the same places.
I want to go to shelter island on a beautiful June day and be together on the beach.
I want to look at you and think "You are the one I truly love"
And know that everything is right at that moment. Then, I will truly be happy.
And the weirdest part? I don't even know who you are yet.
But when I meet you, I'll know.
Love Boy

boy on the subway,

I hope you don’t give everyone that smile. Even if you do, I will continue to believe it was just for me.

— anonymous


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