Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sailing Away..

Tomorrow, my family and I are going on our first ever sailing trip to the Portuguese Islands off the coast of Mozambique along with some good friends.
We will be waking up at an alarming 3.30am, driving to the South Africa/Mozambique border and then trough the capital, 'Maputo' until we get to the dock where we will meet our new home for the next seven days; a 54 foot catamaran yacht.
I am too excited for words.
The thought of sailing in the tropics, snorkeling over coral reefs, exploring little islands and atolls, suntanning and sleeping under the stars really blows my hair back!
I am going to overdose on literature from Jane Austen and C.S Lewis whilst taking the word 'relaxation' to great new heights.
The only downfall would have to be the fact that I suffer from motion sickness. I can get a headache from reading one sentence in the car, and I have a track record of seasickness. My only hope are the tablets that I plan to take on the yacht and I'm holding thumbs they will work for me. Otherwise I may come back looking as sickly as a war prisoner instead of as refreshed as an island girl.

I'll also be out of cellphone and Internet range for a whole seven days.
I'm not pathetic, and am sure I can live without the Internet, although there is a person I sort of really need to speak to every single day and the fact that I wont be able to, is making me slightly depressed. I'm just going to have to grin and bear it until I get home next week.

Au Revior!


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