Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On an Island In The Sun

December wins the prize for the best month on my calendar. There are just way too many festivities to count on both hands, and the vibe in Durban is magical.
This December, we went on a sailing trip to the Mozambican Islands, and trying to describe the beauty of the scenery or the incredible time we had, just seems like too hard a task.
We basically spent seven days in a tropical island paradise, sailing around and discovering little islands and coral reefs. Our daily activities consisted of much suntanning, snorkeling, swimming in bath-warm water, eating, eating, and more eating, sleeping under the stars, fishing, kayaking, saving starfish that had washed up on the beach, and feasting on seafood dinners. Needless to say, I was in my element and being surrounded by so much beauty was actually a bit overwhelming at times; I felt as though I needed to drink in my surroundings in order to really enjoy their fullness.
I arrived back to civilisation looking quite sunkissed, well rested, and ready to take on Christmas.
We had a lovely Christmas, I got spoiled by my parents as per usual, and ate an obscene amount of roast lamb and ham at our traditional lunch. Hands up who loves Christmas, because I know I do!
Since then I have done a combination of work and chill, work and socialise, work and party. Been spending a whole lot of time with some of my favourite people on the planet, and belly-laughing is one of our most frequent activities.
The weather also seems to be reflecting every one's cheerful spirits, and we've had a string of scorching windless days along with a few fun waves which I've managed to surf.
This December has had all the ingredients of my perfect month.
To top it all off, I received a late Christmas present from two very special people over in Australia. Life, she is good!
I am also trying to savor the remainder of 2010 - the best year of my life thus far - whilst 2011 waits just around Friday's corner.

( A few photos from the trip )

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