Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Heart Market

Durban's very own I Heart Market was started in December 2008 by Anna and Saki who attempted to provide a platform on which to showcase some of our local talent and creative masterminds.
Over the months, this delightful gathering of gorgeous stalls has grown into a 'must-attend' event on Durban's social calendar for anyone from avid thrifters to children alike.
I Heart Market boasts an array of stands that vary from jewellery to stationery and from vintage pieces to tasty home-made delights, and there really is something for every age.
One thing that I personally love about this market is that almost everything sold, is locally made by creative Durbanite entrepreneurs and I love seeing their ideas materialise into their very own creations that are vastly different to most product sold in 'mainstream' stores. I am a fan of anything that is unique and handmade because hey, who wants to blend in with the crowd anyway?
I Heart Market is fresh, fun and full of little lovelies.
This December, instead of only being held on the first Saturday of the month as per usual, the market will run over three Saturdays (the 4th, 11th and 18th of December), a Christmas shopper's delight.
So get out your diary, mark the dates, and get involved in this month's I Heart Market action at the DLI Hall, Greyville starting at 8.30am.

I've decided to give you a sneak preview of a few of my favourite stalls that frequent the market and do a little feature on each. Enjoy.

Cupcake Couture
In the words of the owner of Cupcake Couture, Nadia Jonker, "I bake now and again, but what I really do is create one of a kind accessories using vintage buttons and sewing bits and bobs."
This pretty much sums up the business that is responsible for creating the most adorable vintage inspired accessories that any girl would just die to own. Each piece is beautifully hand-made and you can view more product on the blog by clicking here or contact Nadia by clicking here.
Be sure to find the Cupcake Couture stand next time you visit I Heart Market.

(Images: Cupcake Couture Blog)

Genevieve Motley
The talented Durban jewellery designer, Genevieve Motley also showcases her creations at I Heart Market and her stall is definitely one of my favourites. Her pieces are mostly made out of wood that is shaped and engraved to resemble animals amongst other shapes and designs. Her collection consists of a range of brooches, earrings, key rings, necklaces, rings and stud earrings.
The last time I visited I Heart Market I came home with a wooden heart-shaped necklace engraved with a sparrow that I always receive compliments on whenever I wear it.
Visit Genevieve's website here for a better look at her range

Sophia Basckin
Sophia Basckin makes the most divine jewellery and accessories from material covered buttons of all shapes and sizes. I personally am going through a major 'floral fetish' at the moment, so when I saw her creations I simply had to walk away with something from her stall, which ended up being a pair of floral studded earrings that I literally wear for death, they are stunning.
Needless to say, Sophia's items are amongst my favourites that appear at I Heart Market, so head down and have a look or you can contact her direct by clicking here


See you at I Heart Market this Saturday

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