Monday, August 1, 2011

A tribute to a legend

On Saturday night, I was sitting at home alone drowning in a sea of craft supplies, when I clicked 'refresh' on my Facebook page, which is something that has become more habitual than intentional these days. I then saw a stream of friend's statuses that chilled me to my bone; news of the death of a friend.
I froze as I sat on my carpet and then began praying inbetween sobs, and trying to make believe that it was all just an untrue rumor...

Although I had only called Mike a friend for a few short months, he was somebody that I got along with from the word 'go.'
I remember the night we met, we sat and chatted about life and times, and shared stories of our gap year travel experiences, and all the places we hoped to one day explore. 
That night as we all sat on a friend's rooftop singing folk songs as Mike strummed on his guitar, I was glad to have made a new friend.
Even though Mike was not a very close friend of mine, it didn't take a rocket-scientist to see what a beautiful heart he had, and what a warm and friendly guy he was. He was a lover of music, people and Jesus, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as I write this, Mike is beholding the glory of God in heaven, whilst singing along with the angels. Our loss is heaven's gain.

Mike was just 20 years old when he died, around the same age as myself and most of my friends. At this age, it is common to think that you are invincible and untouchable, and while I am not a person that lives in fear of death, this has taught me so much about the beauty and fragility of life.

Yesterday, I sat on my veranda in the sunshine and whilst watching dolphins swim through the ocean, I realised that Mike's death has put so much into perspective for me and a lot of my friends.
It taught me that life is too short to care more about 'things' than people. Too short to sweat the small stuff and allow your joy to be lost for even a second. Too short not to tell and show the ones you love just how much you love them. Too short to live life for the sake of pleasing others at the expense of your own dreams. Too short to live as a slave to money and spend your life striving for more of it, and too short to wait until 'tomorrow' to follow your heart and live the life you were created to live.

Cheers to you Mike, a true legend that lives on in the memory of everyone who had the pleasure of calling you 'friend.' Although your life here on earth is no more, it echoes on into eternity.
I am grateful for having the privilege of knowing you, although only for a brief time. I will see you one day in heaven where we will all party with Jesus for ever and ever. 

My thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out to Mike's family. May the surpassing peace of the Lord encapsulate you and may the angels surround you each and every day.

{Photo by Julie Patrick}

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